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Are you thinking of having an abdominoplasty but wondering if your age may be a problem? Read on and find out all there is to know about having a tummy tuck.


Surgeons perform abdominoplasty operations regularly on adults well over the age of 60 and 70. If you’re an older adult considering this type of surgery to tighten up and remove excess tissue around the abdominal area, then it can work wonders for the older adult.

Surgeons abdominoplasty operations Abdominoplasty   Am I Too Old For A Tummy Tuck?

There is no maximum age for a tummy tuck.  However there are health requirements that must be taken into consideration when planning this type of procedure Things to consider are: your general health, your weight and any pre-existing medical conditions. Its important to be in the best shape you can be before planning any type of surgery, and the abdominoplasy is no exception. It also helps if you’re not a smoker or drinker.

Recovery after Surgery

Although these operations are safe for those of increasing age, there are things which can make recovery from the surgery a little more difficult. As you get older, the risk of any complications with any surgery increases, and you can expect also a longer recovery period. The younger body heals itself far more quickly and efficiently than that of a 60 or 70 year old, and it is best to speak with your prospective surgeon about the recovery or any additional complications that may exist for your age group.

The benefit of an abdominoplasty for seniors is the removal of sagging tissue due to older age. The skin is naturally prone to sagging when age increases and the aim of abdominoplasty is to tighten up tissue which works wonderfully well. It also gets rid of extra skin.

Options and Choices to Make

Although you’re at a slightly higher risk of complications due to your age, there are some options that are especially beneficial for the older adult. There are many different types of tummy tuck surgery ranging from a full operation which requires after care to a less invasive procedure This less invasive option, often called the ‘mini tummy tuck,’ is a great option for people who are worried about putting their bodies under too much strain of a major abdominoplasty.

Consultation for a Tummy Tuck

The most important thing when thinking of getting an abdominoplasty is to have a consultation with a certified cosmetic surgeon. You must discuss your medical history and let them know all of the medications that you’re currently taking. Your surgeon will use this information to decide whether it’s safe for you to undergo surgery. If you are in  good overall health and you don’t take any medications that might react badly with the anesthetic, your surgeon will more than likely give you the go ahead to have your tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck can be a great addition and something that really helps youlook great, feel great and brings satisfaction and happiness. So, why not consider it, as you now know you are most likely never too old.

About Author: John is a great beleiver in looking and feeling great and has seen the effects on otehr people.Dr. Jeremy Hunt, is a leading Sydney plastic surgeon who has performed this operation many times.
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