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What is deep Plane facelift? Why is it more advisable than the ordinary facelift?

The deep plane facelift is a longer lasting alternative to the ordinary or standard facelift techniques. That would be the case because the procedure repositions soft tissues by lifting the whole face rather than the superficial layers of the skin. The process also aims to accentuate the jaw together with the neck and the cheekbones.

img deep plane facelift 300x180 A Review on Deep Plane Facelift as Compared to Ordinary Facelift Hwy Many People Are Opting for the Procedure

Old time rejuvenating and facelifts procedure tend to make you look stretched. With the deep plane facelift, minor effects in the deeper tissues are observed. And take note, the procedure isn’t a major surgery as its name may sound.

Benefits and Advantages of Deep Plane Facelift

  1. Superior results. The procedure has much more potential and has better results compared to other procedure.
  2. Long lasting. The facelift is long lasting and doesn’t require you to go back to the clinic right away.
  3. Suitable for young and old alike. Yes even though you are in the younger side of the bunch or a little bit older, the facelift is tailored just for you.
  4. Faster Healing. This facelift promotes faster healing and creates few disturbances to the skin and its surrounding area. Creates also few complications.
  5. Doesn’t give the pulled appearance. It is common in old and traditional facelift for patients to look pulled and stretched. But today, many celebrities are undergoing deep plane facelift because it is much better and more natural looking than its older counterpart.
  6. Scarring is not present too. Unsightly scarring can be avoided in this procedure. The incisions also heal quickly as possible. That would be because there is no tension in the skin.

In old facelift:

  1. The procedure is restricted
  2. Tension is visible giving the pulled look
  3. Does not last long
  4. Requires immediate follow up treatment

Possible Complications in the Procedure

  • Bruising and facial pain can be present. There can be prolonged swelling but will be healed after two weeks. If it lasts beyond two weeks then you should contact your surgeon right away.
  • Facial nerves injury. Though this is rare. It might result to numbness or loss of sensation
  • Facial asymmetry. This might happen if you have chosen an inadequate surgeon.
  • Hair loss around the incision area.
  • Depression over the sudden facial changes.
  • Result dissatisfaction

Treatment Cost          

Deep plane facelift is much more costly than ordinary facelift because it is a much more sophisticated procedure. A surgeon should be better equipped and there are only a few who is adept in the technique. The surgery cost may range from$20,000 and $30,000 (AUD) including the surgeon’s and assistant surgeon’s fees, anesthetist’s fee, hospital facilities and services among other things.

Deep plane facelift therefore can be concluded to be a safe procedure with minor complications and pain issues.  So if you are considering one, make sure you do additional research. Be informed.

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