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Leading an organic, healthy lifestyle is a 24/7 job, so there are a lot of different things to consider. We’ve put together a quick day planner/guide to making healthy decisions and upgrades throughout the day.

Everyone’s day looks different, so we’ve based this on the life of someone with a traditional 9-5 office job. Pick, choose and alter any points which you find useful, and tailor them to your own needs!

Rise and Shine Getting up the moment your alarm goes off is your first challenge of the day. Forget the snooze button, getting up straight away will set the tone for a productive and energetic day.

Tea, Coffee, Fruit Whatever you go for, make sure it’s organic. You don’t want the first thing that enters your body to be covered in chemicals. Although not the healthiest thing in the world; a cup of ‘joe’ will put a spring in your step from the off. If you’re not a caffeine person, some chopped organic fruit will give you a quick energy boost.

Exercise Muy importante. Even if you can only manage 10 minutes of push ups or stretching, getting in the habit of exercising every morning will help you get in shape, as well as kick-starting your metabolism. If you can get a run, some weight lifting or a yoga/pilates session in, you are the early bird and the worm is all yours.

Shower Why so long before a shower? If you are exercising in the morning, there is absolutely no reason to shower before and after. You have to look after the environment just as much as your own body, and that is a flat-out waste of water.

Breakfast/Lunch Prep Chuck some chicken breasts under the grill and start boiling some eggs. By the time you have cooked and eaten your eggs, the chicken will be cooked. Put it in your lunch box with some crunchy salad and you’re all set.

Journey to work Time and distance will always be a factor here but, if possible, walk or cycle to work. You’re going to spend the whole day in a space of about two square metres, so why not stretch your legs? If you rely on a bus, why not walk one or two bus stops further before hopping on? Even if you can only do this once or twice a week, it will have a positive effect on your energy levels throughout the day.

Arriving at work Drop off your bag and get a glass of water. After your morning exercise, your body might be a little dehydrated, so nip it in the bud. Your colleagues might be having a morning ‘chit-chat’ over a cup of coffee, but try not to give in to another cup. You don’t want to start relying on caffeine as your only source of energy. Have a banana with your glass of water, and reap the benefits as your colleagues all encounter a mid-morning caffeine crash.

At your desk Many recent studies have found that sitting at your desk is incredibly bad for your long term health. Assuming you can prop up your computer/laptop, try standing for at least half of the day. Your spine will be exceptionally grateful, and you’ll burn more calories than you would sitting down.

Lunch Far too many of these kind of guides will tell you to go to the gym or go for a run in your lunch break. Like anybody actually has time for that! Munch away your delicious organic chicken, relax and, most importantly, step away from your desk. In order to keep energy and concentration levels high in the afternoon, try and switch off ‘work mode’ for an hour.

Afternoon Do some work, wallow in your high energy levels as everyone else is on caffeine crash number two.

Return home Next to getting up as soon as your alarm goes off, this might be the biggest challenge of the day. Resist the urge to slump on the sofa and watch TV! Ride the momentum and get any annoying little chores out of the way. Putting off housework and small tasks might be appealing at the time, but it will get in the way of real relaxation!

Dinner Get signed up to an organic vegetable box scheme in your area. With fresh, seasonal vegetables at your disposal, you’ll be able to cook a large variety of healthy meals every night. Fresh fish or grass fed beef are some delicious and healthy sources of protein to accompany your locally grown vegetables.

The night is yours! Catch up on Breaking Bad, Made in Chelsea, whatever you so desire. Doing ‘nothing’ is one of the most important things you’ll do all day, if that makes any sense. If you fancy it, go for an evening run, play some sport with friends or simply go for a casual walk with your partner or a friend.

Sleep It’s been a long day, hasn’t it? Sleep takes up a third of the day, so you have to be in a comfortable and relaxing environment. If you want to have the healthiest possible sleeping environment, it’s a good idea to avoid the chemicals which are a common part of everyday mattresses. Organic mattresses are the chemical free option to a conventional mattress and materials such as natural latex offer the perfect natural alternative to memory foam. Organic wool also means no chemical fire treatment, which is applied to all conventional mattresses in the UK.

Time to set the alarm again!

Roger van der Matten from 4 Living is always on the look out for ideas and tips that may help in leading a happier and healthier lifetstyle.

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