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When it comes to self-improvement and making life changes; NLP is a great way to gain more control over your life and release yourself from the limitations that may be holding you back. It is used by athletes to keep them focussed on achieving their goals, businessmen to improve the way they interact with potential clients and people everywhere to help improve their relationships with important people in their lives and the power they have over their minds.

But why stop at just simply learning the basics of such a life changing form of therapy? Why not take your training to the next level and work towards becoming a fully qualified NLP practitioner or trainer? Not only will this deepen your knowledge of neurolinguistic programming but you will also be able to spread the NLP love to anyone else who is interested in learning all about it.

human brain A Guide To Becoming An NLP Practitioner

NLP In A Nutshell –

The basic premise of NLP is that it teaches you techniques to help you improve your communication with others and also help you gain more control over your brain and thoughts. It can be used to improve areas or your personal and work life whilst giving you the ammunition to better the relationships you have with others and boost your health in general. NLP was co-founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder whilst seeking ways to increase people’s cognitive awareness and has been around since the 1970s.

Becoming A Practitioner –

There are many stages to becoming a fully-fledged NLP practitioner starting with the Certified Practitioner of NLP course. This involves partaking in at least 120 hours of NLP training in the presence or a trainer who has surpassed the first three stages. To ensure you pass the course there is then a two day assessment in the presence of two more qualified NLP trainers before you receive your certification.

If you then want to take it further there is a course entitled Certified Master Practitioner. This requires another 120 hours whilst using more advanced skills to help improve both your own and other people’s lives. You will then face a similar assessment process to see if you have made the grade.

For the third stage, becoming a Certified Trainer in NLP, 120 more hours of training are required and you will need to show that you can train people that are going through the first two stages of the qualification process. This stage often also requires the trainer to spend a period as a provisional trainer before receiving the appropriate certification.

Beyond this is something that has only been achieved by a handful of people around the world today. Successful graduates of the course are known as Master Trainers in NLP and one of the few people to gain this achievement is David Shephard who is now a world leading figure in NLP and runs his own training course with The Performance Partnership. This final award requires over 2,000 hours of training.

As you can see it does require a lot of time and effort in order to become a fully trained practitioner of NLP. However, the beauty and joy that you can bring to your own and other people’s lives through enhancement of their cognitive awareness will make it more than worth it.

About Author : Chris Mayhew is interested in expanding his mind and has been looking into NLP training. He would recommend The Performance Partnership to anyone wanting to learn all about NLP, hypnosis or Time Line Therapy.
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