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It’s not easy finding the right fitness program and diet. Because we’re all different shapes and sizes (with different appetites), our bodies react differently to food, but as a basic rule of thumb you can try the following depending if you want to lose weight, or gain mass.

  • Increasing carbohydrates is likely to gain weight.
  • Increasing carbs and protein is likely to gain mass.
  • Decreasing carbs is likely to lose weight.
  • Decreasing carbs and increasing protein is likely to tone up.

There are good foods that promote a healthy body, and there are bad foods that make you fat and promote fatigue. I’m sure you already know what the bad foods are, so here’s 9 ‘power’ foods that will definitely help you get where you want to be.


You’ve heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Porridge is a perfect breakfast! It’s a great source of slow release carbohydrates, meaning energy is released throughout the day. There are 2 types of carbohydrate, slow release and fast release. Slow release carbs don’t turn sugar into fat, which is why they’re so great. Whether you want to lose weight or gain mass, porridge is the best way to start the day.


Best steamed, chicken is a source of protein. You need protein to repair muscle. There’s 20-30g of protein in a typical portion of chicken (breast).


Best scrambled, eggs are another good source of protein. There is some (healthy) fat in the yolk, but if you’re looking to strictly cut fat out of your diet to lose weight, scramble the whites only.

Brown Rice

Opt for brown rice over white because it’s healthier. Rice is a source of slow release carbohydrate for energy.


White fish is good, oily fish such as Tuna or Mackerel is better. This is a good source of protein, approx 36g per serving.

Sweet Potato

Another good source of slow release carbs for energy throughout the day.

Beef Steak

Steak is a good natural source of protein and creatine (creatine aids strength and combats fatigue). A 10oz fillet steak contains 25g protein and zero fat.


Pasta is a good source of quick release carbs. If you eat quick release carbs without exercising your body will turn it into fat, but post-workout when your body needs a burst of energy to recover, quick release carbs are great.

Jacket potato

Another good source of quick release carbohydrate. A good food to eat post-workout, but don’t think you’ll get away with coming home from work and sitting down in front of the TV for the rest of the night with a few jacket potatos to keep you company. I don’t have to tell you what that’s called!

Taking the above into consideration, a reasonably diet would consist of Porridge for Breakfast, Scrambled Eggs mid-morning, Steamed Chicken or Fish with Rice for Lunch, an hour workout late afternoon / early evening, and for dinner Steak and Jacket Potato, or you could have something like a bolognese for the mince beef and pasta intake, but watch the fat content of the mince; look for a lean option with less fat.

If you’re training seriously and want to supplement your protein & carbohydrate intake, there are many products on the market which will help you do this. Here’s some handy tips from the guys over at Bodyfuel, Sports Nutrition and Supplement Specialists.

Supplementing your Porridge

Something like Oatgain by Kinetica is made with top quality oats (78g of carbs per serving), plus it also contains 46g of protein per portion to balance the increased carb intake… PLUS! It contains MCT oils (healthy fats) and L-glutamine (branch chain amino) for a healthy immune system.

Supplementing your Chicken, Egg & Fish

Optimum Nutrition manufacture a product called Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein, which contains 20-30g of protein per serving.

Supplementing your Rice

Multipower Flapjack bars are a convenient way to supplement carbohydrates and boost energy.

Supplementing your Steak

Musclemeds Carnivore contains 100% beef isolate protein and is the ideal protein supplement for Beef Steak.

Remember, supplements are just that. They are designed to supplement your diet not replace it. If you’re unsure which supplements will work best, it’s always advisable to discuss your training program, diet and lifestyle with a professional to assess properly which supplements you need.

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