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We all want to be fit and whether it’s a marathon you’re hoping to run, or if it’s just a stairs you want to climb without being out of breath, being fitter can help. Getting fitter, means being healthier and all the benefits that come with it here’s how to do so.


The first thing you need is the right attitude and this can be the foundation of success. The mind is the strongest muscle in the body and is the one that makes reaching your goal a lot easier. Your mental preparation is key here and helps you avoid slipping into bad habits and ensures you do the things that are good for you automatically.

Daily Routine

If you’re looking to just get fitter, then incorporating fitness into your daily routine is all important. This can be easily done by challenging yourself and is the best way to help the pounds melt away and improve your cardio fitness. Whether it’s deciding on cycling to work, running home from your job, or just climbing the stairs to your office these things all make the difference. Even things like cleaning your home vigorously, or mowing the lawn, help so do them.


One of the most important things when hoping to get fitter is to create a regime and then stick to it. Creating a regime that you don’t and won’t break is a very important part of success. You should also aim to build intensity and tailor workouts to fit in with your lifestyle and how you wish to get fitter. Everyone needs strength training and cardio in their lives so address both of these for maximum benefits.

Change it All

Performing the same exercise constantly has diminishing results. If a body gets comfortable with a particular activity it won’t work as hard and so you don’t get the results required. Ensuring your regime is varied and changes regularly means that you end up with a better result. So, keep it varied.


The food you eat affects the amount of success your body will receive from such a regime. Eating at the right times and in a healthy manner makes exercise a lot easier and also makes for faster results. Hydration is also very important and is a benefit to muscles in such a scenario.

Keeping your home stocked with the right foods and limiting the number of bad foods in the house also removes the element of making a bad choice and means you’re more likely to eat well.


Alcohol and smoking are also not conducive to getting fitter and should be limited or curtailed if you can. Smoking especially has a very negative impact on fitness due to the tar and carbon monoxide intake it creates. Try cutting it out altogether or perhaps try a ecig e liquid device to see if that helps as it is water vapour mainly.


Sleep is a necessity when training hard and your body needs to recover with the right amount of sleep. You need to feel refreshed in the morning after wards and you’ll find that with increased exercise you may sleep better. This is one of the benefits from a healthier body and lifestyle.

All of these things benefit health and increase fitness, allowing you to feel, look and be a lot better.

Derel Devlin has worked in the area of fitness for a number of years and has read and was very impressed

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