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Img yoga benefits 7 Reasons Why EVERYONE Needs To Do YogaNo longer limited to the domain of ‘yummy mummies’ and paparazzi-friendly celebrities, today the discipline of yoga is practised by millions around the world. With origins in the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, today the majority of yoga-lovers practise yoga more as a form of physical rather than spiritual exercise.

But what exactly are the benefits of yoga? Here are seven reasons why YOU need to get onboard the yoga craze today:

It builds your muscles

Unlike the typical strength training that evokes images of gritted teeth and sweaty palms, yoga helps to build up your muscles in a gradual way. This occurs through its multi-joint movements and variety of positions that push you to stretch and then contract your muscles. Slowly but surely, you’ll find yourself being able to lift things previously unheard of by your standards. No sweat!

It releases tension in your muscles

By encouraging your body to move in previously unnatural ways at a gradual pace, yoga helps your body relax and over time, move with greater ease and fluidity. This in turn relieves existing tension from your muscles that you may have built up over many years. The more you practise and exercise in this way, the less pain you will feel and the more efficient your workouts will be!

It’ll improve your posture

Have you ever made a mental note-to-self to not stand in such a slouched position? Like ballet, yoga helps you become more aware of your body and basic alignment. This is turn helps you improve your posture. As we all know, a good posture doesn’t only reap physical rewards but also makes you a more inviting and positive person to be around!

It’ll help you breathe easier

Not only can yoga improve your posture, but a good yoga teacher should also encourage you through various breathing exercises. Better breathing trains your diaphragm, increases circulation, detoxifies your body, and generally energises your body for better performance. What’s certain is that you’ll be breathing easier in more ways than one!

It’ll make you happy

Like chocolate and many other kinds of physical activity, yoga helps stimulate hormone production, including endorphins. More specifically, your pineal, pituitary, thyroid, and hypothalamus are flooded with blood and nutrients, meaning these glands can operate at their optimum level. Result: there is definitely gain in the pain!

It’s good for your heart

This flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients around your body is good for another reason: it relieves pressure off your heart! With so many stresses in today’s world, surely you can agree that yoga is something you need to try. If you’re still resistant, keep this in mind next time you feel your to-do list creeping higher and higher!

It shouldn’t get boring

Yoga has something to the extent of 84 million, yes that’s right, 84 million, different postures. Most classes teach somewhere to the extent of 20 postures. If you’re getting bored, switch to another class or another teacher. There’s always more to learn and certainly more variations you would never before have thought possible.

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Written by Chelsea Hopkins. Chelsea Hopkins is a university student and freelance writer who is interested in taking good care of her body. For now, that means eating healthy and walking instead of catching the bus but there’s a good chance she’ll be hitting the gym soon – her local one is the Fitness First located at 24 Endeavour St, Chatswood NSW 2067.

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