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There are all manner of peels, chemicals, and surgical procedures on the market today that proclaim to be your answer to young and healthy skin. But we’ve all seen certain dramatic methods go awry, and ultimately the toll most of these measures take on the skin is more damaging. If you’re looking for a natural solution to achieve your skin’s healthiest state, and get rid of a couple of laugh lines along the way, here are the absolute best things you can do for your skin.

ageless2 7 Natural Ways to Look your Youngest

Wash Your Face Less

Most people have stuck to their skin care regimen for years, without considering their body’s changes. At a certain age your skin stops producing as much oil, and the morning face-wash ritual is actually increasing the visibility of your wrinkles. It’s most important to wash at night before bed, getting rid of the day’s buildup of grime, but more than that is just overkill. Start your day with a splash of water to your face instead.

Wear Sunscreen

The sun is not a friend to your skin, and may be a primary cause for most of your wrinkles. Make sure you wear at least SPF 15 daily, even during the winter, to prevent more damage and allow your skin to heal. If you wear makeup, try including a tinted moisturizer with SPF as a base in your morning kit.

Quit Smoking

There are probably plenty of reasons you’d like to quit, but this is a big one. Smoking decreases production of collagen, elastin, and estrogen, which are all essential to youthful skin. Try quitting for a month, and you will see the difference in the quality and color of your skin.

Stretch your Neck

Loose neck skin is a major contributor to older-looking skin, and it’s hard to avoid; neck skin is surprisingly sensitive to pressure and strain. Be careful with how you treat it, and try not to rub your neck too hard. There are stretches you can do daily to quickly increase the strength of the muscles, which will firm up your throat area and give you an instant boost of youth.

Get your Antioxidants and Vitamin C

Antioxidants and vitamin C will help clear your skin up, allow it to repair itself better and faster, and produce more collagen. Eat your fruits and veggies, and drink lots of green tea. Additionally, the omega3 in fatty fish and almonds will help your skin significantly. Avoid sugar, as it will age your skin prematurely.


Exercising will fuel your skin with the nutrients it needs to produce collagen. On top of a great diet, it will be one of the best things you can do to keep your skin firm and smooth. Make sure you keep it consistent if you want to see results; you’ll need to do at least 3-4 hours of cardio a week.

Try a Natural Anti-Aging Cream

While most products contain chemicals claiming to fix wrinkles, you’ll want to stay away from anything too harsh if you want to promote real skin health. Find an anti-aging cream that contains natural ingredients, and it will help you get rid of fine lines and will even your skin tone without stripping out the skin. It will also help with dark spots, and protect your skin from further damage.

While diet and exercise adjustments will take a bit more commitment and time, you will still see results quickly with the other tips. Over time, your skin will improve with good habits, and you’ll be able to live comfortably in the skin that you earned naturally.

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