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Stress is one of the most crippling illnesses there is and even the slightest amount of anxiety can have a significant impact on your life. A lot of people tend to turn to unhealthy means to limit stress; however this merely masks it and causes significant problems in the long run. So, let’s take a look at some great, healthy ways to bust stress.


Exercise and physical activity can help you beat stress and places you in the best frame of mind and reduces the emotional intensity of stress and clears your mind. This allows you to deal with issues in a calmer, clearer light.


One of the main reasons people get stressed is down to the feeling that they’ve lost control of an area or areas of their life. This is one of the biggest impacts on mental health and causes issues with wellbeing. Taking control of the issue and dealing with it is empowering and in itself can help with stress levels.

Me Time

In the UK we work the longest hours in Europe and so don’t tend to have enough time for ourselves to enjoy. Taking some time out to do the things you enjoy can be a great benefit and stress buster and aid relaxation. Do something you like a couple of nights a week, whether it’s hang around with friends or partake in your favourite hobby.


Challenges are good because they tend to take your mind off stress and allow you the chance to focus on other things. People quite often are stressed and this creates a further focus on stress and in turn causes more stress. Challenging yourself pushes your focus elsewhere and allows you to be a more resilient person. Passive activities do not do this and that’s why you need to get out there and do some stuff that pushes you.


Being unhealthy and partaking in unhealthy habits causes issues and stress. Things like smoking, drinking too much coffee and drinking heavily create stress and issues that require stress management activities and actions like those on offer at These coping mechanisms are crutches that break in time and cause more problems. Tackling stress in a healthy manner will prevent these issues.


One of the best ways to deal with stress is to do volunteer work. These offer you the chance to gain perspective and see that what you have to deal with is in no way tough in comparison. Understanding what you have and learning to appreciate it can be a great way to see your life in a more positive light and in doing so reduces stress levels.


There are some things in life that just can’t be changed and accepting that is the only way to help relieve the stress that comes with these issues. This can be a freeing thing as you know that there is little or nothing you can do and no point fighting.

Stress can be extremely crippling, however these tips will prevent it becoming overwhelming and help you turn back the tide.

Charlotte Reynolds is a writer and has had to deal with stress at particular times of her life. She has found that there are numerous ways to deal with these issues.

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