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There are plenty of surgical ways to prolong one’s youth (or at least the appearance of it) for a few extra years. But for most of us all we want is to age slowly and naturally. Although taking preventive measures while you’re young is helpful, there are steps you can take when you’ve already begun aging to refresh yourself. Follow these tips to start looking your youngest, no knives included!

aging 6 Ways to Fight Aging the Natural Way

Focus on Eyes

The perfect way to draw attention to one of your best features is by emphasizing your eyes. You don’t want to use too much dark eyeliner, however; a natural color along your lashes and a highlighter in the corners of your eyes will suit you better. Use an organic anti-aging cream to combat your crow’s feet. With proper eye attention when applying your daily makeup, you’ll provide a bright and youthful centerpiece for your complexion.

Protect Your Skin

One of the quickest ways to age your skin is by going out in the sun unprotected. The radiation rapidly breaks down your skin’s elastin and diminishes its ability to rebuild any elastin or collagen again. Sunburns also wreak havoc on your skin, and not only increase your chance of skin cancer but also cause your skin to wrinkle irreparably. It’s never too late to start wearing SPF regularly to prevent your skin from continuing to age.


There are plenty of detox-diet plans out there today, but most will offer you the same anti-aging benefits. The process of detoxifying will cleanse your liver, skin, and your blood by ridding your body of poisons it has accumulated over the years. This will help your overall health and keep your skin free of infection and impurities. Talk to your doctor about the duration and consistency at which you should attempt one of these diets.


A sure-sign of aging and frailty is a twisted back and slumped posture. Keep your strength up by participating in resistance weight training at least a few times a week. The muscle build will not only help your body and posture stay strong, it will also help tighten any sagging skin and increase blood flow. Consistent exercise and weight training is essential for youthful, glowing skin.

Eat Antioxidants

One of the most important foods to include in your diet in later years is food rich in antioxidants. Nothing fights free radicals better than antioxidants, which gives your skin a better ability to repair itself quickly and consistently. Eat plenty of dark vegetables, berries, and beans, and drink wine and coffee in moderation to get a healthy dose of antioxidants for your skin per week.


While this still may seem like a strange practice to some, transcendental meditation has become more popular in the medical community over the past few years. It takes some practice and guidance to achieve the skill, but once learned it can do wonders for the body. Meditation has been shown to keep blood pressure and stress levels down, help the mind stay sharp, maintain a positive attitude, and even reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. It also improves blood circulation, which is ideal for your skin and maintaining a lively glow.

While some may choose to achieve youthfulness by cosmetic means, these tips will keep you healthy and improve your complexion and stature more naturally. None of us stay young forever, but by embracing your age and keeping yourself refreshed you’ll find that you’ve never felt better in all your years.

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