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Adopting a fitness program can be a great idea. If you like the idea of training with others then naturally you will be best to join a gym. You can gain some additional fitness and maybe even flex your muscles whilst others watch on in awe.

If you do decide to sign up for your local gym then be aware that you need to consider appropriate clothing. Here we will be taking a look at six items that you should never ever wear in a gym.

Baggy Sweatpants

While there might well be a place for long baggy sweatpants the gym certainly isn’t it.

Not only is this choice of apparel unfashionable it can also border on being dangerous. Hems that get stuck in the pedals of exercise bikes will do nothing for your overall training program. If you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reason then give baggy sweatpants a wide berth.

Thong Underwear

Slim fitting shorts or pants are nearly always better than baggy sweatpants. However, you will need to consider your underwear options carefully.

If you are a thong wearer (ladies) then you should definitely change before training. Opting for seamless fitting underwear will prevent rectal bacteria from travelling along the thong line to the vagina. As you move around during your exercise routine the sweat that is produced can lead to infections of the urinary tract, sadly a thong will exacerbate this situation.

If you need some additional information about why thongs are bad news, check out the 5 Reasons NOT to Wear a Thong to the Gym article on Year of The

Shoes with Digits

For the uninitiated, think about shoes with digits along the same lines as gloves.

While many runners believe that these near-naked? shoes provide relief for feet and toes, they shouldn’t be worn in the gym. In fact to back this statement up, many gym owners have banned them, believing they could well be a liability.

Think about it, you probably wouldn’t go into the free-weights area barefooted, well these shoes relate to a very similar situation.

Cotton Athletic Clothing

Cotton works really well to absorb sweat, fact. As such this is yet another garment you should avoid wearing.

Another consideration when thinking about cotton is its ability to stick to the body as it gets wet. Aside from providing an unsightly appearance this situation can lead to chaffing. The same applies to wearing cotton underwear.

There are many alternatives to cotton, some of which include:

  • Nylon
  • Spandex
  • Supplex

These man-made materials provide a much more sensible approach to gym wear. Choosing something made of these substances will help you to avoid your clothes sticking to you or worse.

Old Socks

One of the most ignored pieces of gym wear is socks. Don’t fall into the trap of buying an expensive pair of sneakers only to use them with your old cotton socks. Cotton is a bad choice of material here, perhaps even worse than the cotton shirt mentioned above.

Choosing a wool mix combined with synthetic materials will help your feet to sweat properly. Not only will your work-out be more comfortable, but you will lower the risk of blisters and other skin disorders.

Long Sleeved Sweater Tied Around Your Waist

Outside of the gym a sweater might look trendy. However, never tie your long sleeved sweater around your waist when inside.

If your plan was to hide your rear or mid-rift area, be warned. This approach will probably draw unwanted attention to those areas, in the process destroying your best laid plans. The additional bulk can also get in the way, making the exercise bike much more difficult than it already is.

The Wrap-Up: Gym Wear Mistakes

When it comes to choosing your gym wear, function is nearly always better than form. Opting for man-made fabrics can be a great way of helping to control your sweat, while at the same time avoiding potential health issues.

Even though you are being sensible about what you wear this doesn’t have to mean boring. There are still plenty of great styles to choose from if that is what you are looking for.

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When he is not writing, your Author (Ted Daniels) can normally be found working out in his local gym. Recently he threw out all his old cotton clothing in favour of some newer spandex fabric; this has gone a long way to helping him get control of his sweat.

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