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Even if you’re not a bodybuilder, protein powder can be a great way to look and feel your very best.But there are so many choices out there!So, which protein powder is right for you?

In order to answer that question, you have to understand how different protein powders work.Despite their name, some protein powders also contain carbohydrates and even fat!In our opinion, these 6 are the best of the best.The more you know about them, the easier it will be to make a choice that’s right for you:

1.Whey protein concentrate

This is a high-quality protein powder that contains all of the essential amino acids (the ones that your body can’t produce on its own).As an added benefit, whey protein concentrate dissolves quickly and easily — making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for a powder that you can add into a drink or even into baked goods!

You may have heard of whey protein before, but the “concentrate” part is important.Specifically, it means that the whey protein has gone through a special process that’s designed to remove a bunch of the carbohydrates and fats.Whey protein concentrate is actually 80% protein, which is higher than just plain ol’ whey protein.

2.Whey protein isolate

Just like its concentrate counterpart, whey protein isolate goes through a special process to remove carbohydrates and fats.The main difference between the two is that whey protein isolate is 90% protein, instead of 80%.

Since it’s basically fat-free, whey protein isolate is great for people who want to lose weight.The only downside?Since it contains more pure protein, whey protein isolate is going to cost you a little more than the concentrate.

3.Hydrolyzed whey protein

This stuff comes from the same “family” that whey protein does, but it’s a little smaller and faster.To create it, whey protein goes through a process called “enzymatic hydrolysis”, which is a fancy way of saying that this powder winds up with smaller protein fragments.As a result, it can be digested faster — meaning it gets the amino acids out to your muscles faster, which helps them grow faster.

If you put in long hours at the gym, this whey protein may be best for you because you’ll see its effects so quickly.In fact, it’s a great protein powder for muscle recovery, because your muscles will have less time to sit around being tired and depleted.


Casein is the type of protein that’s found in foods like milk and cheese.If hydrolyzed whey protein is considered the speedster of the bunch, think of casein as the tortoise.It works slowly and steadily to provide a stream of amino acids to your system.As a result, you’ll feel it working for several hours.Take it right before bedtime, and it will help make your muscles stronger while you sleep!

5.Rice and pea

This may sound like a healthy side dish, but when it’s served in protein powder form, you get two protein sources in one!On their own, neither one counts as a complete source of protein.However, when they’re mixed together, they become complete.And, as an added benefit, they’re completely vegan — perfect for people who want to get healthier and build more muscle, without sacrificing their diet.


Like the name suggests, this protein powder comes from egg whites that have been heat-treated and dehydrated to create a powder.Since the yolk isn’t involved, egg protein powder is a low-fat option.

Egg protein isn’t considered to be as powerful as some of its other powder counterparts, but it’s a good thing to mix in with your other powders.(In fact, mixing and matching a couple of different powders can be a great way to build muscle even faster!Since each protein powder has its own unique benefits, you can pick the two or three that are most appropriate for your specific situation.) It is also good for people whose digestive system can’t tolerant whey protein.

Vanessa Blake is a freelance writer and health freak with a ridiculous general knowledge of nutrition and the body. No wonder she decided to study for a Diploma of Nutrition in 2003. She also loves yoga and resistance training.

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