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Img exercise benefit 286x300 6 Beneficial Exercise Tips For SpringWhether you have been inactive the entire winter or simply require a change, indulging in some flexing and stretching is a great idea. Refreshing the exercise regime might include outdoor workouts or alternatives to usual workouts such as taking up any sport or indulging in some home maintenance tasks. With a bit of preparation, your spring exercise regime will help you to stay healthy and fit for entire year.

1.    Set some Realistic Goals
Take into account your current fitness levels prior to kick starting any new spring exercise routine. In case you failed to workout in winter, then spring is the best time to start working towards your goal slowly and get back in shape. Stay dedicated to the exercise to boost your stamina as you improve your fitness level.

2.    Indulge in some Outdoor Workouts
If you have been doing your workouts indoors during the winters, then it is the best time to take your exercises outdoors. For instance, if you jog or walk on treadmill, then step out of the house and sprint or walk in a park, or track nearby. In case you are working out on a stationary exercise bike, then it would be great to take your trail outdoors on a regular bicycle. Venture out in the nearby woods or hills. You may call up your friends to join for more fun.

3.    Take up some Sport
Take up some new sport or indulge in the one that you enjoy the most. This will help to break the monotonous workout regime as well as will add fun to your lifestyle. Golf and tennis are two good examples that you may take up during the spring.

4.    Deck up your House
Spring home repair, gardening and cleaning projects offer good workout to your body whilst you deck up your abode. Cleaning the windows, vacuuming the floor and dusting can help you shed around 200 calories per hour, whereas yard work and gardening may help to shun 250-300 calories in an hour.

5.    Safeguard your Skin
Skin requires protection from the harmful ultraviolet or UV rays. So apply a good sunscreen when stepping out of the house for exercising during the spring.

6.    Treat all Seasonal Allergies
Outdoor workouts may bring or deteriorate seasonal allergies, as mold and pollen counts tend to be high during spring. In case you are suffering from some kind of seasonal allergy signs such as watery or itchy and runny nose, then your doctor may suggest you to have a decongestant or antihistamine. You also have many non-prescription as well as prescription options.

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