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Superfoods – time to refresh your mind or update previous knowledge. From regular old broccoli all the way to salmon, no need for any fancy weight loss products, just keep it simple. Their is nothing like the classics foods to lead you in the right direction of a balanced diet.

food For Weight Loss  6 Amazing Superfoods For Weight Loss

6 Amazing Superfoods For Weight Loss:


Yes, you heard me right, “Beans”! They are by far one of the most underrated super foods out there. The beauty about these babies is that they do not contain any of the saturated fat that can be found in most meats. Another benefit to beans, is that they make you feel fuller faster, no need to keep on eating with the fear of packing on the pounds. The reason they make you feel fuller faster is due to their high fiber and water content.


One of the magnificent aspects of oats, is their ability to defend against various diseases. Taking of oats in their entirety is more beneficial than any of its ingredients in isolation. Not to mention that they are relatively inexpensive and readily available, making them rather easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Overall the most important part of oats, is simply that it’s a healthy carb that helps out your metabolism and burns that unwanted fat.


Now in your pursuit of weight loss no one ever said all fats are bad for you. Let me introduce you to my friend the avocado, it comes into the game with brilliant monounsaturated fats, which is the right kind of fat. If for even a moment you thought that avocados only offered a nutty and creamy way to melt away that fat, you are wrong. Avocados are one of the best anti-aging super foods to consume.


Can you say Omega 3’s, I think so. Salmon is a great alternative to meat for many reasons, for example it is chalk full of MUFA’s. Many studies have shown that people who have a diet of MUFA’s tend to lose an average of 9 pounds. As opposed to people who only settle for a low fat diet, they tend to gain an average of 6 pounds. The facts are one thing, but that crispy and supple taste of salmon is what sales me.


Why are blueberries super you ask? Besides the fact that they provide a great daily intake of fiber and vitamin C. Personally every time I eat blueberries I’m reminded of the forest, I like to pretend I’m out there in the wild fending for myself. Overall this deliciously light fruit that is mostly known for its anti-aging affects, will help you stay slim. Especially considering that a one cup serving is only a total of 80 calories.


This Super veggie is known for its cancer preventing powers when cooked raw. In addition, broccoli also boosts the immune system, fights birth defects, Combat Diabetes, builds bones, and lowers the incidence of cataracts. And listen, with only 30 calories per serving this super food is bound to prevent weight problems. In my book Broccoli is the mini tree that never stops giving.

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