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Busy executives have full schedules on a daily basis. There is little time to slow down and enjoy life, much less make room for a workout schedule. However, it is important to stay in shape and even executives need to exercise! It can be very difficult to find time to squeeze in a workout but practicing regular exercise will help you not only stay healthy but also make you feel good and ready for the office. Below are a few tips on how you can find time to work out during your busy schedule.

1.Run, Run, Run

Running is a great way to burn quick calories and stay in shape. A great option for busy executives is to carve out at least 30 minutes in the morning hours to get in a quick run. This may be difficult at first but setting your alarm back just 30 to 45 minutes can give you enough time to get in a quick run before you have to head to the office. If you work close to a gym, consider getting a membership and hitting the treadmill or track before work. Gyms have great locker room facilities so you can easily get ready for the office once your workout is complete.

2.Walk it Out

Another great option is to begin walking. This is an easier option than running, especially for beginners. You can do as running and set your clock a little early to take a walk around the neighborhood, or choose to walk after work. Even fitting in 10 to 15 minute walk breaks throughout the day is a great way to integrate workouts on a busy schedule. Even take a quick walk on your lunch break or walk to the office if you live close by. You would be surprised at the opportunities you have to include walking into your daily regimen.

3.Morning/Night Gym Time

As we mentioned before, the gym is a great option, but finding time can be difficult. Do your research and find a gym close to the office that offers 24/7 service. This will allow you to work out when you can. If you find yourself at the office until 9pm every night, most gyms will not do. A gym that is open 24/7 gives you the opportunity to visit when you want, even in the late night to early morning hours.

4.Office Workout

If just simply cannot carve out any time during your busy schedule then consider working out at the office. If you are seated at a desk all day, learn how to do exercises at your desk. There are many options that can be used in the seated position to get your blood pumping and create a small workout. If you have to walk to certain areas of your work building, consider doing lunges or walking at a brisk pace. Any movement is good movement!

5.Perfect Use of Break Time

If you pull long days at the office, consider taking your break times as workout opportunities. You can take a quick walk or even hit the stairs. Fifteen minutes is a great time frame and if utilized at least twice a day will allow for a 30 minute workout each day!

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