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No matter what kind of shape we are in, we all have good intentions; we want to go to lose the extra pounds and get our hearts healthy. However, things get in the way life gets in the way and we tend to lose all motivation. Instead of falling back into the same routine of not working out, try getting off the couch and out of your funk.

1. Find Fun Workout Routines on Pinterest
Pinterest isn’t just an addiction for stay-at-home-moms to invest their time in, but it is also a great forum to find fun and exciting workout routines on. If you’re sick of running around the block or doing the same workout video, pinterest has many unique and fun exercise routines for everyone to participate in. Break out of your traditional routine and give yourself a fun change with pinterest! There are so many fun and unique ideas to choose from for example, the World’s Fastest Workout? and The Harry Potter Workout?.

2. Get a Good Soundtrack
Nothing inspires a good workout quite like a playlist to accompany it. After all, music makes all the difference in getting you excited and pumped up for your workout routine. Not sure what exactly to listen to while working out? You’re in luck! Music forums such as Pandora and Spotify offer playlists that are specifically catered towards boosting your energy, giving you an adrenaline rush, and getting you excited about your workout.

3. Find a Workout Buddy
Nothing will get you off the couch and to the gym quite like having a workout buddy. Workout buddies are great to not only get you the gym but also to sustain your endurance. Find a workout buddy that has your same goals in mind because this will help make sure both of you complete your workout routine on a day to day basis. If you want to train for a marathon, then find someone who has the same goal that you can run with every day. Workout buddies are especially great because when one of you isn’t feeling motivated the other one can get you encouraged and excited.

4. Get Inspired
Inspiration is probably the first tool that will get you motivated to start working out again. Whether it’s stress, health problems, depression, or just laziness that have kept you from working out, now is the time to get inspired. Look online for inspirational quotes that you can stick on your mirror and look at every morning or cut out pictures of people who have your ideal body. Use pictures from magazines or of your ideal body not as a way to put yourself down but rather as something to work towards.

5. Get Cool Equipment
Whether you are into running or playing basketball, having cool equipment is a great incentive to get you off your couch and ready to use it! Whether you buy your running shoes in Charlotte NC or online, nothing makes your feet feel better and your run last longer than a brand new pair of running shoes. If you’re trying out a new sport such as golfing, getting a new set of golf clubs will make you want to show them off on the course.

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