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Most people associate all the annoying illnesses that they get with the winter. Things like the cold and flu viruses do tend to plague us during the winter months but that doesn’t mean that we are free from possible health issues during the summer. As the weather takes a turn for the better (for a change) we will all be looking for ways to enjoy the summer months but how do you ensure you do this whilst remaining health conscious?

After all, the last thing you want is for your summer to be ruined because you went and got yourself ill. So with this mind here are five great tips in order for you to enjoy a healthy summer period.

Behold The Power Of The Sun –

The sun may be about to play a starring role in your summer plans but it is important that you respect it and don’t neglect to protect yourself from its harmful rays. Having a tan is great but you can still do this whilst being health conscious and it’s never worth damaging your skin just to look a bit browner.

Be sure to put plenty of layers of sun cream on because even though it might say factor 30 on the bottle; rubbing a thin layer of it on your body will not give you factor 30 protection. Sunglasses are also an important accessory as they don’t just shield your eyes from glaring light they also protect them from UV rays.

Look After Your Teeth –

We tend to eat a lot of fruit and veg in the summer because of its freshness and how light it is. However it is important to not eat too much acidic food substances as this could damage the enamel on your teeth. The best fruits are apples and pears because they contain a large amount of water which dilutes the acid and also washes away some of the harmful substances from your mouth.

Alternatively you could blend some of your favourite fruit and veg items together and drink them in a healthy smoothie. And if you use a straw you can reduce the amount of acid that comes into contact with your teeth even further.

Begin Preventing Hay Fever Early –

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from hay fever then a pollen-proliferous summer is probably not something you will be looking forward to. The trick with hay fever is to start your treatment early; even before your hay fever has shown any signs of occurring. I’m sure you are well aware of how much of a drain on your sinuses the summer can be, but starting your treatment early and continuing it even when you are no longer displaying symptoms will help you avoid the worst of it.

Stay Active –

If you have six weeks off school ahead of you or you have booked an extended period off work it is important to not allow yourself to spend it sitting on the sofa. Of course you will want to relax and relieve some of the stress from your usual daily routine, but that doesn’t mean you have to become a couch potato. Besides, don’t you want to take advantage of the few weeks of nice weather we could possibly be blessed with?

Go Easy On The Alcohol –

Summer time usually equates to party time but hitting the alcohol hard could leave you feeling it once the summer is over. By all means go out and enjoy yourself but too much alcohol, especially during the day, will leave you dehydrated and could lead to other health problems. Excess alcohol, especially sugary alcopops, could also cause damage to your teeth in the long run.

Health conscious Chris Mayhew likes to still look after his body during his summer down time. He would recommend Smile Care, who are a cosmetic dentist in Plymouth, for anyone wanting a summer oral health check.

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