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Weight loss. This is a universal issue that has long plagued modern man. While there are those whose metabolism is at par with their food consumption, many more are suffering from gaining too much weight as they eat more than they are supposed to. So what are the leading signs that you already need to cut on your carb intake?

cut on your carb intake 5 Signs It’s Time to Cut Carbs

When the Weighing Scale Tips Farther to the Right

The United States Surgeon General reports that obesity is one of the leading causes of death in the country. It is responsible for almost 400,000 deaths annually so this is a glaring reason that you need to begin dieting.

If you were dismayed by your latest weigh in, then it is high time to consider losing some weight. Just imagine all the other hordes of illnesses that can plague you when you do not steel yourself and start saying no to carbs. Heart ailments, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, the list could go on and on. So if you want to live long, start planning what you eat and consider a weight loss program that you can live with.

When People Start to Stare or Look Away

Many Americans believe that they should lose weight because there are a lot of health risks involved in carrying flab. But cutting on your carb intake isn’t just about being healthy. A great part of dieting is being able to go out, with your head held high, and confidently strut in your favorite dress.

If you feel that people are starting to stare at you because you look too fat, then it is time to cut carbs; or if you encounter those that are embarrassed by the very sight of you and so have decided to just look away, then it is also the perfect time to begin dieting!

 When You Have Gone Up a Dress Size or Two

Try rummaging through your closet and see which clothes still fit you. In the film The Devil Wears Prada, it was stated that 2 is the new 4 and 0 is the new 2. Being chubby is already unacceptable. If you think that there is a need to buy more clothing because you are growing horizontally, then, yes, it’s time to say no to platefuls of bread and pasta.

When Your Skin Becomes Flabby

A simple test is to look into the mirror. If you have orange peel-like complexion, then this means that fatty tissues have begun to develop beneath what used to be supple skin. Body parts that are first to have flab are your upper arms, thighs and midsection. If you start shunning sleeveless blouses and mini skirts, then you need to cut down on carbs.

When You Feel Guilt On Each and Every Meal

Have you recently become obsessed in counting your calorie intake? Or have you purchased a gadget that calculates this for you? How about during each meal, do you often feel guilty because you have overeaten once more? If you said yes to any of these questions, then start eating healthy soon.

Today is the time to take action. The longer you wait, the longer you would feel unconfident. If you don’t know where to begin, then take the time to consult your doctor and a licensed nutritionist. Let them help you bounce back to healthy living!

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