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There are certain risk factors associated with prostate cancer that every man should know about. Knowing about these risk factors is crucial in helping to detect and prevent prostate cancer. Here are the 5 prostate cancer risk factors you need to be aware about.

Age is perhaps the number one risk factor for prostate cancer

Men above the age of 40 are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, that does not mean you are susceptible to it at a younger age. Doctors advise men to start undergoing prostate examinations annually once they hit 30. Most men diagnosed with prostate cancer are usually above the age of 65. As you get older, it is imperative to ensure that your body remains in the healthiest condition possible.

Family History

If there is a history of prostate cancer within men of your family, then there is a high risk that you too could be diagnosed with it. It is crucial to keep a track of your family’s medical history and determine if any members have ever had prostate cancer. Knowing is half the battle and once you are equipped with the knowledge, you can take the right steps to prevent prostate cancer. Note that there are a number of other prostate conditions besides prostate cancer; when checking your family history you can discount these other prostate conditions.

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In order to find a cure for cancer, scientists have done a great deal of research into the human genome. Whether a solution can be provided by our genes remains to be seen, researchers have determined that our genes can be used in order to predict the probability of getting cancer. Prostate cancer research has shown that race and ethnicity play a very important role as risk factors. For example, you are a lot less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer if you are an Asian, rather than a Caucasian male.

Health and Fitness

Regarding your health, there are a number of factors that increase or decrease your chances of getting prostate cancer. Eating healthy is one of the best ways to keep your body fit and keep cancer at bay. Junk food, on the other hand, is packed full of harmful fats and acids that indirectly contribute to the presence of prostate cancer. Along with eating healthy, it is also important to follow a regular exercise regime. Staying in peak physical condition reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking cigarettes are two prime risk factors for prostate cancer. You do not have to swear off alcohol completely, but it does help to cut back. Anything more than two drinks a day is considered a no-no. Besides your prostate, drinking too much is also bad for your heart. On the other hand, smoking needs to be completely eradicated from your life. Cigarettes are chock-a-block full of carcinogens and lead to numerous health issues, including prostate cancer.

Although not a definite list, the 5 factors mentioned here definitely are the most common risk factors for prostate cancer.

About the author: Richard Hill is a regular blogger who likes to write on a variety of topics. He recently wrote a newsletter providing prostate cancer treatment options which might prove beneficial for all those looking for a one-stop guide.


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