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In this fast-paced world, people just swallow their food without properly chewing them. Gone are the days when people focused on eating their food slowly. What’s this fuss about chewing, you ask? Well, here are 5 pointers why proper chewing should be on top of your agenda:

chewing 5 Pointers On The Importance Of Chewing Properly

1. Digestion starts in the mouth, not the stomach

Ask anyone and they will say that digestion starts in the stomach. But I beg to differ. Digestion represents the breakdown of food into smaller pieces that can be absorbed in the blood stream. Won’t you agree that the ideal breakdown of food begins with proper chewing? Remember that your stomach will have to work harder if you are lazy at chewing.

2. Chewing permits exposure to saliva

Did you know that saliva is good for digestion? The enzymes present in saliva aid in digestion by breaking down and lubricating food, so that they pass through the esophagus without any difficulties.

3. Chewing facilitates intake of nutrients

The main reason why we eat food is to ensure that we have the necessary nutrients to lead a healthy life. Food that has passed through a rigorous chewing process allows for better intake of nutrients by intestines.

4. Chewing ensures the teeth is strong and healthy

When you chew food slowly, you ensure that the bones holding your teeth get a work-out. Moreover, the saliva generated through this process helps keep the mouth clear of food particles. This means less bacteria and tooth decay in the mouth.

5. Chewing helps you enjoy the food

This is a no-brainer. If you want to enjoy something you eat, you better chew properly. Some people rightly complain that their lunch breaks have shrunk over the years. Are you stressed in the office and have little or no time for eating properly? You will have to work out a turnaround quickly.

For soft food, chew a minimum of 10 times. On the other hand, you will have to chew hard food atleast 30 times.

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