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Img Tennis images 300x209 4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play TennisThe beauty of tennis is that age seldom seems to be a problem when it comes to enjoying this sport. It has a much higher and lower age ceiling than almost any other active sport. How often have you heard of 14 and 15 year olds making headlines for their tennis exploits? It seems to happen regularly and while we’re not saying your child will become the next Steffi Graf, there are plenty of other reasons why you should get your child involved in this wonderful sport.

1. Battles Childhood Obesity

There are few sports that foster good health like tennis. Childhood obesity is becoming something of an epidemic in the United States as kids stay indoors all day playing computer games. By getting your child to play tennis, you ensure that they enjoy fresh air and burn off calories. Best of all, they’ll have tremendous fun doing so as even the most resistant child eventually succumbs to the lure of tennis once exposed. Exercise also improves your child’s mood and helps reduce instances of depression.

2. Hand-Eye Coordination

Tennis is much more than just a physical game where you run around the court hitting a ball. Only players with excellent hand-eye coordination will improve but the good news is, this develops as you play more games. Tennis helps children improve the flexibility of their upper bodies while also vastly improving their footwork. This sport will teach your child to concentrate while forcing the body’s muscles to work. In a nutshell, you can expect tennis to have a huge positive impact on the motor functions of your child’s body.

3. Teamwork & Sportsmanship

This is not a misprint! Tennis is often seen as an individual pursuit but that completely discounts doubles tennis which is heavily reliant on teamwork. The most successful doubles teams are not comprised of the two best individuals; instead, they consist of the duo with the best understanding of one another’s game. Just look at the Bryan brothers for proof. Tennis is also a game that is generally played in good spirits and competitors are taught to lose with dignity and congratulate the victorious party and also not to gloat if they win.

4. Constant Access

While other sports rely on certain weather conditions, tennis is equally enjoyable whether it is played indoors or outdoors. This means your child can play 12 months of the year on various surfaces, each of which provides a unique challenge. It is a game that never allows you to become bored and is not dependent on sunshine and clear skies.

Tennis promotes activity, is affordable and above all, it is tremendous fun. Get your child interested in tennis now and watch them reap the rewards for many years to come.

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Author: My name is Sara, a mother of two, and a fan of playing tennis at Chandler family tennis center – Basha Tennis, where instructors are knowledeable and great with kids.


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