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238670456 Pedicures for man 202x300 4 Reasons Why Men Should Get Pedicures Manicures are considered by the vast majority as a very girly thing to experience. While many men never dream of being caught in the middle of receiving a pedicure or manicure, there are many athletes who receive them on a regular basis. Because athletes are as physically active as they are, regular pedicures are practically required to ensure their feet and toes stay in good condition. Rather than allow their bodies to succumb to the harsh conditions they constantly experience, a pedicure allows an athlete to maintain foot health to not only remain competitive but to also maintain the health of their personal lives.

Physical Benefits of Pedicures

Rather than sit by and believe pedicures are only for those that want to pamper themselves weekly, you should understand that there are many physical benefits to experiencing them routinely. These can range from avoiding nasty issues like ingrown toenails that can arise from being in a sports shoe for many hours a day to avoiding foot odor due to the lingering dead skin that may exist on the foot.

Another excellent reason to receive pedicures is to protect your feet from infections. There are more pores on the bottom of our feet than anywhere else on the body, and this makes it very easy for infections to set in. By receiving regular pedicures, the odds of infection and fungal issues are greatly reduced.

When a foot and calf massage accompanies the pedicure, it also helps to improve blood flow in the region while reducing any pain that may be felt due to inflammation of aggravated muscles and joints. However, pain relief doesn’t stop there.

Removal of Calluses and Blisters

For athletes, being on your feet all of the time means calluses will build up. This causes the skin of the foot to become hard resulting in additional pain if left untreated. Because the buildup of calluses and blisters is greatly reduced during a pedicure, it can relieve pain in the foot area while also providing the athlete with improved overall foot health.

Foot Odor

No one likes a stinky foot, either. Pedicures are the best way to remove the excessive dead skin, dirt and bacteria from the feet without simply covering it up. After all, the use of foot sprays is the equivalent of attempting to cover up an odor without attacking the root cause. The exfoliation a foot receives during a pedicure will help to greatly reduce the dead skin and bacteria that can remain on your feet through normal washes resulting in odors.

Improved Personal Life

One of the biggest reasons to get a pedicure that isn’t related to physical health is your significant other. No one likes their partner to have feet that are rough to the touch while also emitting an odd smell. Rather than continue to live with rough feet that feel like they belong to a scaled lizard, get a pedicure. Not only will the woman in your life thank you, but she may even cozy up to you more easily while in the bed.

Regardless of how you feel about pedicures, there are many healthy reasons to regularly treat yourself to one. Whether you’re looking to improve your foot health for yourself or are looking to improve them for your partner, pedicures are a wonderful experience that will leave you feeling cleaner and healthier than ever before.

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About the author: Trina Hancock is a manicurist who believes it is important for all adults to take good care of their feet. She recently contributed a review of mens slippers at Best Choice Reviews.


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