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Breast cancer has received more publicity than any other type of cancer, but it hasn’t been for the right reasons. “Advocates” for curing the disease have tied in the color pink and an overall sense of sexuality into merchandise and events around the month of October. What they have failed to do, however, is to act courteously towards the actual victims that know the horrors of breast cancer.

4 Non-Offensive Ways to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness:

Breast Cancer 183x300 4 Non Offensive Ways to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness


Raising global awareness about prevention and treatment among men and women alike is very important, but there are ways to do it that will prove to be much more effective. If you are hoping to start your own breast cancer campaign, here are some areas that will help guide your focus positively.

Encourage Doctor Visits, Not Self-Exams

The culture of “mamming” today encourages women to prop their breasts on a variety of surfaces, snapping a picture to share with their friends to analyze for any suspicious-looking lumps. While self-exams have their benefits, recently doctors have begun to withdraw from glorifying the act too heavily. It’s important for women to see their doctor regularly, especially any time they feel that something is off with their breasts. A responsible program would highlight the importance of knowing the way one’s body is supposed to feel, but stress the urgency of seeing a professional.

Spread the Word to African-American Women

While everyone in the country seems to be fully aware of how a mammogram works, some of the important facts about breast cancer fly under the radar. One of these facts include the startling statistic that African-American women are more at risk for breast cancer than any other race. They are more likely to form larger tumors than white women and have a 41% higher death rate. This is the kind of information that should be spread — not the color of your underwear through an ambiguous Facebook status, but statistics that stress the need to take action and save lives.

Focus on the Importance of Research

If you plan to try and raise money, or want to choose the right organization to donate to, make sure the proceeds are going towards breast cancer research. The importance of research is key to not only treating the disease, but understanding it more fully to possibly prevent it from taking more victims in the future. If you truly care about the women in your life, you will fight to aid the research efforts that are in effect. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a great one to donate too, as well as a plethora of companies for medical research in Cleveland, OH and other major cities.

Take it Seriously

Most important, make sure that you address the issue of breast cancer with a serious and respectful tone. Too many campaigns take a lighthearted, “cutesy” approach to the disease with an oddly sexualized tone and a fixation on the breasts themselves. For an organization or person to effectively raise awareness about the issue, they need to understand that it is not about the breasts, but the victims. The women that are battling breast cancer, or have died trying, should be their symbol of the movement.

The attempt to raise awareness for breast cancer is, at its heart, a good and positive thing. But too many people are focused on the wrong things, not allowing themselves to see the big picture. There have been too many women, family members, and friends that have suffered from the disease. The more effectively and respectfully we can spread this awareness, the better the outcome.

About the author : Victoria Ramos studied business and now blogs about developments in the field, as well as her other interests. She loves shopping, socializing, hosting parties, decorating, and writing.


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