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TED Talks are recorded conferences from all around the world by individuals who want to talk about a wide variety of subjects sharing information, opinions and asking questions to the audience. TED Talks are entirely free to stream online or download regardless of your location. If you are interested in learning more about psychology and human behavior, there are plenty of awesome TED Talks available to watch today that are based all around psychology.
The Paradox of Choice
Barry Schwartz, a psychologist, discusses the possibility that our growing number of everyday choices is actually contributing to our dissatisfaction with our lives. Schwartz explains the overall growth of choices in technology, food and lifestyle habits has caused confusion, expectations and many more disappointments altogether. During his presentation, Schwartz aims to prove that the expansion of choices and options we have each day have ultimately caused more confusion and stress for us, resulting in unhappiness.
The World Needs All Kinds of Minds – TED Talks
Temple Grandin presents ideas about the various minds in this world and how it is necessary to explore not only the minds of healthy humans, but also animals and even those who have been diagnosed with autism. Exploring the minds of all people and creatures on the planet is a way to understand the connection between each species and how they have developed individually throughout time and history. Ultimately, Grandin highlights autism and those who struggle with traditional learning methods but are often brilliant with others, reiterating the importance of understanding the human mind from all perspectives.
Why Aren’t We All Good Samaritans?
Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, highlights the subject of human compassion and why we are not all considered classic good Samaritans. In his discussion, Goleman covers scientific studies from social neuroscience that prove if we are connected with someone or focused on them, we empathize and desire to help. However, distractions and focusing on going about our own lives has interfered with this ability, causing a lack of compassion and awareness of those around us who may be in need. Building self-awareness by paying full attention to individuals around is a way to connect with others and to increase empathy.
A Brain in a Supercomputer
In this TED Talk on psychology, Henry Markram discusses the ever-expanding growth of the human brain and the overall power the human mind has today over centuries of evolution. Markram introduces his company’s mission of building a realistic computer model of the human brain to help with understanding the complexity of the human brain itself. Additionally, Markram explains the project will help to eliminate animal testing, allowing research to take place within the super computer with the human brain instead. Understanding mental disorders can be accomplished with the user of a computer that involves a human brain model, helping to improve the mental health of the human race while understanding it on multiple levels.
How to Find TED Talks Online
When you want to find additional TED talks regarding psychology and more, utilizing the official TED Talks website is recommended ( in addition to browsing online video communities available to you publicly. TED Talks are presented by business owners, professional speakers, scientists, doctors and any individual who has an idea to share with the world.

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