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If you feel a bit dicey when it comes to pushing yourself to run, you’re not alone; with roots dating back well into ancient times, the act of running strictly for exercise has been bemoaned by by men and women since the times of the ancient Sumerians, Greeks, and Romans.

Running is a high-paced exercise that requires a high level of motivation. Whether you find yourself on the cusp of slipping on a pair of jogging shorts, or you’re still in the preliminary stages of thinking about maybe going for a jog, these three unexpected benefits may just push you over the edge!

running 3 Unexpected Benefits of Running


1. Run Fast, Conquer Insomnia

With sleep disorders affecting many millions of people around the world, a number that is increasing steadily in our hectic modern world, getting the edge on getting a few Z’s may very well be crucial to your own personal well-being. Studies show that runners sleep better than their more stationary counterparts, with that positive effect owing to both the simple exhaustion a healthy run can inspire, along with the release of endorphins that cause a gradual relaxing of muscles after an energetic burst.

Scientific research based on these studies has shown that runners’ bodies are able to relax muscles and regulate energy levels more quickly and efficiently when it comes time to sleep, due in part to the body leanness that the exercise promotes. While some of the processes by which sleep is improved by a running routine are yet unknown to scientists, you can rest assured that the results are overwhelmingly positive!

In each study conducted on the matter, runners invariably reported improvement in the time it took them to fall asleep, the time for which they remained asleep, and the overall quality of the sleep they enjoyed, proving that going for a run is a great way to knock yourself out long enough to fit in a few peaceful dreams – even when all else has failed!

2. Running is Actually Good for Your Joints

We’ve all heard that running is bad for the joints given its potentially jarring movement, and it’s an excuse that at least a few of us have used to not make running a regular part of our exercise regimen – I know I have!

Unfortunately for my excuse, the science behind the question of how running affects the joints is vastly different than we’ve assumed – the truth is, running can actually promote increased strength in your joints, helping them to be healthier, for longer.

While this positive effect is partially due to the weight loss that is sure to follow a regular running routine, the real cause behind this little known health benefit is the fact that running forces the cartilage in your joints to expand and contract, allowing both oxygen and nutrients to enter the tissue. Without proper access to these compounds, the tissues within the cartilage that support your joints will slowly die, leading to a variety of potential side effects as you age.

3. Boost Your Confidence

Getting fit means caring about yourself and your body, and this attitude tends to show, especially once you’ve established an exercise routine. While physical activity of any kind is sure to get you looking and feeling better, running has a special way of making you feel on top of the world, both while you’re on the road and long after your run.

Call it a runner’s high, if you will.

Being such a well-rounded form of exercise, running offers generous repayment of the sweat you’ll be sacrificing, helping you to be leaner, stronger, and faster, and giving you a solid energy boost, as well. While these benefits all factor into your overall physical health, you can bet that they’ll promote an increased feeling of self-confidence, leading, in turn, to a long list of potential benefits in all areas of life.


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