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There is nothing worse than a car accident. Terrifying, costly and painful are three descriptions which easily come to mind. Even after the initial crash, many people find themselves with aches and pains which were not previously present. One of the most common pains to appear? after an accident is whiplash- a condition which can worsen if not corrected.

Whiplash usually occurs when a car is hit from behind. The force of the vehicle pushes the head, neck and back in a jolty forward motion, then suddenly back again. The process of the head smashing back and forth can cause rips, tears and cuts in ligaments. In addition, the spine and/or neck can undergo significant damage.

Everyone has their own Opinion

The problem with whiplash is that everyone has their own opinions. Doctors will usually give patients pain medicine and braces, while rehab-therapists and chiropractors will focus more on correcting the source of the issue. Both methods vary in success and monetary commitment, though most people have better success with holistic care.

Myths about Whiplash

There seem to be many common myths in regards to whiplash. These false opinions are generally acquired from incorrect statistics and overall ignorance in regards to the condition. Many of these myths affect our chosen route of treatment, which just prolongs the pain and spending. It is important to weed these false myths out of our thoughts, as they are just plain untrue.

  • If you can’t see it, it isn’t there. Many people believe that just because a car isn’t totaled? or significantly damaged, that it isn’t possible for the occupant to be injured. Not only does everyone’s health vary, but not everyone decides to wear a seat-belt. In addition, force can be transmitted through bumpers without visible damage.
  • If it doesn’t hurt at first, then you aren’t hurt. It is a known fact that a delay in symptoms does not mean no injury.? Many people get sick but do not feel the effects for a few days. This is similar to whiplash. A common phrase after exercise is, Just wait until tomorrow,? in reference to sore muscles. Whiplash can take weeks for symptoms to arise.
  • If the machine doesn’t see it, then you are okay. Many symptoms do not become noticeable right away. Just like it may take time to develop pain, so too might the body take time to reflect injuries on MRIs and X-rays.

The Truth about Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries acquired by occupants in car-accidents. It can range from minor to severe, and can grossly affect the quality of life, both now and in the future. There are many options for treatment available, though most would agree that seeing a chiropractor and physical therapist are the best choice.

Finding Help

Nearly every city is equip with holistic healing centers. A simple search on the internet will yield many results. It is important to ask around and find the right specialist. This is not necessary for everyone, though with a few visits, most people notice huge results in more areas than just one. Chiropractic centers offer health-advice in many forms; from diet, to rehab-therapy to exercise.

If you are ever involved in an accident and experiencing pain, it is important to know that you are not alone. Many people struggle with whiplash related pain for years. Many find themselves jumping through flaming hoops, all in the name of finding some sort of comfort or relief. During a time when being healthy, economic and holistic are becoming trendy again, it is no surprise that many people are ditching the stark-white coats of their unenthusiastic doctors and opting for true, all-across the board holistic health. This is where chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage-therapists and rehab-specialists come into play, as these people have devoted their essence to helping others in holistic manners.

Alexandra Meehan enjoys writing, listening to music and painting. When she isn’t writing, Alexandra is catching up on politics and animal-wellness news. Alexandra enjoys taking trips to the beach and reading, which is why she loves studying up on how to improve the quality of life through diet, exercise and holistic care. She loves the Placerville Chiropractic center which provides holistic healing for whiplash.

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