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The setup of an office is not particularly conducive to exercise. When you’re working a forty hour work week and looking to benefit from the effects of regular exercise things are going to get tricky. But there are options! You should never feel ashamed of putting effort into maintaining or bettering your health! Desk jobs put a strain on your neck, back, shoulders and wrists and encourage immobility for extended periods of time. Love your job and what you do, but don’t let it keep you from getting the daily exercise and relief your body needs!

Under Desk Leg Lifts

If you’re looking to keep your in office exercise on the down low, these sneaky leg lifts are for you. A desk high enough and with enough room for you to lift your legs even to the height of hips and fully extend them in front of you is perfect for these lifts. With you back in a straight line against the supportive back of your chair, press your palms firmly into your seat and use your core to pull your legs perpendicular to your torso. You should be forming an L? with your body. When you release do so slowly. You can do individual legs or both at the same time.

  • Once leg is lifted hold for about ten to fifteen seconds.

  • This will relieve your leg muscles of tension that builds within them throaughout the day and work to build muscle in your abs.

Desk Chair Squats

Regular squats are a great exercise when training to build your quadriceps or strengthen your core. They also prove helpful when building all over body strength. This is a good in office exercise to do when getting up from your chair or returning to it. While it might wind up looking like you’re always hesitant to sit or stand up, you’ll be reaping some real benefits! Stand up fully, with your back straight. Lower your body, as if you were going to sit, to one inch above your chair. You might not get all the way to one inch the first couple of times but don’t let that discourage you. Wherever you wind up hold it for ten seconds. It’s important that you rise to a full standing position following the squat.

  • Doing just three or four of these each time you rise or before you sit can really give you a good rush of blood throughout the day and keep your muscles engaged.

Water Bottle Lifts

If you’re looking to do some arm lifts in office but are wary of bringing in a full set of weights don’t worry! An unopened water bottle can act as an excellent replacement weight. Sit with your back straight against your chair, your stomach tucked in and your shoulders pressing downwards (resist the urge to shrug when working your arms). With either two water bottles in each hand lift both arms, or work each arm individually using one water bottle. Bring the bottle completely over your head with your arm fully extended. When both bringing the bottle up and down go slowly and allow your muscles to really work. Then take a drink, you’ve earned it!

Dr. Scott Darling of KC Healthy Skin knows that taking exercise breaks during office hours means greater health benefits.

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