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Img chiropractic care 300x240 3 Health Benefits of Chiropractic Treatments during PregnancyWomen go through extreme changes during pregnancy, whether it’s hormonal, emotional or physical. While these changes are completely expected, they can often cause additional pain and stress for women during those nine months. Therefore more and more expecting mothers are soliciting chiropractic treatments throughout their pregnancy because there are several well-documented benefits for them, such as improved balance and alignment of the spine and pelvis. Lets’ look at three of the benefits in more detail.

Comfort During Delivery – Receiving regular chiropractic treatments have been shown to provide for a more comfortable delivery for mother and baby. It helps the baby assume their optimal birthing positions and reduces the risk of having the baby breeched. In addition, these adjustments help to stimulate the nervous system and supports the needs of the baby by enable proper functioning of the reproductive organs.

Pelvic balance – As mentioned above, chiropractic treatments can help establish pelvic balance. The amount of room available for the developing baby can be reduced when the pelvic is misaligned also,known as intrauterine contain. Regular adjustments help reduce these restrictions while also helping the baby get into the best position possible for delivery.

Relief from Nausea – For most women, one of the most frustrating symptoms during pregnancy is nausea and morning sickness. While morning sickness is most commonly experienced during the first trimester, many women experience it longer and at times for the duration of their pregnancy. Chiropractic treatments can help ease these symptoms by enabling the nervous system to function properly and making sure that the body can most optimally process toxins in the body that are created by an overload of hormones on the liver such as estrogen and hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadatrophin). In addition, Chiropractors can help educate women on how to reduce the volume of toxins they have control over such as diet related and environmental toxins.

In addition to the everyday benefits of chiropractic treatments such as pain and stress management, there are additional ones for pregnant women. People who are curious about trying adjustments should do some research and find a reputable chiropractor to work with.

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