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Do you suffer from lower back pain? Is it because you sit in front of a computer all day long with bad posture or is simply because you have a really bad pair of shoes? There are endless amounts of reasons to why we all suffer from lower back pain. Fortunately, this post is dedicated to showing you 3 effective ways to stretch your lower back and alleviate your lower back pain.

suffer from lower back pain 3 Effective Ways to Stretch Your Lower Back

Chin to Chest Stretch

You wouldn’t believe the stretch you can get by properly dipping your chin into your chest. The key here is to keep your back straight and then drop your head slowly so that your chin presses against the top of your chest. Give it a shot you should definitely feel the stretch.
Once you’re in position hold the stretch for ten seconds. Bring your chin away from your chest and rest for 30 seconds. Then do two more sets of chin to chest stretches.

Knees to Chest Stretch

The second stretch on our list is the knees to chest stretch. This will one requires a little more effort than the chin to chest stretch. Find a clear spot to lay down on the ground. After getting comfortable bend your knees and start to bring them towards your chest. Take both your hands and place them right below your knees. You will want to further push your knees towards your chest to start feeling the stretch. Hold the stretch for 10-20 seconds. Release your knees and place your legs back on the ground. Repeat two more times for another 10-20 seconds.

Cobra or Mermaid Stretch

The final stretch we will discuss to help you relieve your back pain goes by two different names. The cobra stretch (or more commonly known as the mermaid stretch) is one more fantastic way to stretch your lower back muscles.
If haven’t already, find a nice clear spot on the floor with open room. Lay down on your stomach facedown as if you were going to do a push up. Now move your hands down closer to your waste. At this time you will want to push up. This (similar to the image above) should force your upper body to be elevated from the grown and your lower half to remain on the ground. This will help stretch your aching back muscles.
Similar to the other stretches you will want to hold is for roughly 10-20 seconds. Release completely (go back to lying on your chest) and then resume the stretch for another 10-20 seconds. We suggest doing this three times total.

How does your back feel now?

We’ve just walked you through three exercises that aim to help aid in curing lower back pain. Remember that these stretches only help alleviate pain. If you have a severe back injury its best you avoid doing any of these and seek immediate help from a doctor. If you have any additional questions reach out to your doctor or your chiropractor, both should be able to answer any questions you have.

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