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Whether you are a keen woodworker in your spare time, or you’re a professional carpenter or cabinet marker, you really need to know your stuff when it comes to protecting your eyes. Too many eye injuries are incurred from flying splinters and larger pieces of wood; without the use of your eyes, your woodworking skills may be compromised forever. Don’t take your sight for granted; protect your eyes carefully in order to stay safe. There are several types of eye protection you can wear, and we’ll list a few of them here for you to help you make your choices:

Safety Glasses Eye Protection

Safety Glasses Working With Wood? Know Your Stuff When It Comes To Eye Protection

Safety glasses are Perspex see-through glasses that fit over your eyes as normal glasses would. Use them whenever you are working with woodworking machinery (or if you are working with metal). Always keep a pair with you everywhere you go, in case you end up working somewhere you are not expecting to. Most woodworkers keep a spare pair in the glove box of their car or van so that they are prepared for every eventuality. Find a pair that feels comfortable so that you don’t find yourself making excuses for not using them. Some come with shades that you can flap down if you’re working in bright sunlight.

Safety Goggles Woodworker Eye Protection

Safety Goggles Working With Wood? Know Your Stuff When It Comes To Eye Protection

Safety goggles look just like swimming goggles although they are far more robust. They fit onto your head with a rubber belt that goes around the back of your head, and the goggles cover your entire eye socket, meaning that no flying shards are able to get into your eyes. These are better than safety glasses because you are protected from all angles. These are brilliant for people that use contact lenses, but the downside is that they can restrict your peripheral vision a little. Use them for jobs such as sawing wood, but if you are lifting and shifting, then you need something that can help you see to the side as well as the front.

A Face Shield Eye Protection

A Face Shield Working With Wood? Know Your Stuff When It Comes To Eye Protection

Face shields fit over your head and a Perspex visor is pulled right down over your entire face. This is great because it protects your whole face – not just your eyes. If you are using a lathe or a chainsaw this is the safety gear to wear. Some types also have a respirator built in too which is brilliant if you are working with a lot of sawdust. Asthmatics often use a face mask to keep the dust out of their mouth, nose and eyes.

Choosing the right eye and face protection for the job that you are carrying out is vital. Too many woodworkers have scars on their face that tell stories of jobs completed without the correct eye safety wear. Once your eyes are damaged there is very little you can do about it, so take the protection of your eyes very seriously. If you are a professional carpenter then your living may depend on it. Always carry safety wear wherever you go so that you are never caught short.


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