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So you want to get in shape, but you don’t know where to start. First, you have to figure out the basics. In order to exercise, you need to choose a place to do it. Do you want to join a gym, or just buy everything that you need for your home? A few advantages come with each choice. Working out at a gym and working out at home can both be good choices, so give some serious thought to both. Where would you rather exercise?

Good reasons to join a gym:

  • Options When inside a gym, you are able to choose from a wide array of different options such as cardio machines, weights, fitness classes, or even a pool or sauna in some gyms. Aside from the wide range of options, gyms do have that sense of variance in which you have everything that you need in every possible way.
  • Motivation Some people simply cannot work out alone; it’s tough for them to find the will to do it without a friend or workout partner. Working out in a gym, on the other hand, gives you that extra motivation from people around you. It builds a sense of friendly competition and helps you to get going.
  • Focus When you walk into a gym, you work out period. Everybody is working just as hard as you, and everyone is trying to tone his or her bodies and look good. This keeps a person focused on their physical goals. There are fewer distractions than you might find around the house.

Having a home gym:

  • Cheap Compared to paying for a monthly gym membership, buying equipment for the long run is actually cheaper. If you want to save money on membership, why not make your own gym in your home?
  • Convenience At a home gym, there are no routines to follow, rules to abide by, strangers getting in your way or using the machine you want, or pesky trainers at your back. Some people like the structured environment a public gym provides, but many people like their privacy and do not want to have someone there to guide them. There’s nothing more convenient than a home gym. It’s always right there when you need it, and using it saves you the gas money and travel time from your house to your gym and back.
  • Exercise in peace Many people do not want to work in noisy gyms that can easily turn into a circus when fully packed. A home gym is all yours; you can create any type of environment you choose.

Clearly, each option has its pros and cons. Joining a gym will mean that you need to pay monthly gym fees and pay for gas every time you visit. At the same time, a gym offers a healthy place to exercise packed with friendly motivational competition. But, let’s say what works best for you is to create a home gym. First, it’s time to get the necessary equipment. Check out the best and most affordable equipment for you and your family. Do your research and look up treadmill reviews, dumbbell sizes, equipment prices, and more. Not everyone has the same workout routine, so that is another thing to check out. You don’t want to hurt yourself doing the wrong workouts, so ask a friend or check out some workout forums. Once you lay out the money for your home gym up front, you can work out from the comfort of your home without ever paying a monthly membership fee.

You can’t go wrong either way it all comes down to your personal preferences. Either way, you’re staying in shape, which is the most important thing.

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Tony is a personal trainer and likes to share tips with readers who are looking to get in shape.

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