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Eimg Medical Internship Career 300x242 Why Making A Medical Internship In A Developing Country CountsMedical electives are very important in the lives of medical students who hope to soar high after completion of their undergraduate degrees. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the practice of medicine in a different environment without the worries of stressful and difficult exams. Developing countries are unique in that they offer an experience that you will not get anywhere else in the world.

In this article we share a few tips on how to make your elective term worthwhile

 Keep your mind open

If there is any advice that anyone can give you, then it is to keep your mind open to anything. Some of the things that will come your way will be unexpected, and having an open mind is essential in coping. You will definitely experience a few challenges and the solutions might be difficult for someone who is not open to different ways of doing things. Do not have this mindset of sophisticated machines that give you a diagnosis at the touch of a button, or expect an exuberant rail or road network that never fails. Indeed, you should be keep your expectations within the realm of reality, and please bear in mind that developing countries are not really endowed with the wealth and resources that are characteristic of developed countries.

Be ready to experience a different culture

Medical students have in the past suffered from culture shock owing to the massive discrepancy between the culture existent in their countries of origin and developing countries. Being prepared for the different and diverse cultures will go a long way in ensuring that you have a good time when you are not working. You will definitely mingle with people of different cultures, and accepting their way of life is crucial in ensuring you have a smooth ride.

 Get ready to work

The greatest beauty about medical electives in a developing country is the massive exposure and unprecedented firsthand experience. It is a fact of life that developing countries have big shortages in terms of resources and experts, yet the disease burden is high. It translates to a large population in need of the services of limited health workers. Your help will definitely be well appreciated. What I can guarantee you is that there will be no shortage of work, and there will always be patients waiting to be attended to. In return for your efforts you will be equipped with the knowledge of tackling different maladies using the few resources that will be at your disposal.

Make as many friends as you can

Medical electives offer a real chance to interact with fellow students, lecturers, professors as well as patients. A good student will utilize this opportunity to make as many friends as he or she possibly can. Make your teachers your friends, for this will make the going easier for you. Whenever you have a good relationship with those around you things are always easier and learning is more fun. You know you can ask questions without fear, and that appropriate answers will be provided. Your newly acquired friends will show you around and will play a big role in determining which joints you hang out in.  For two months or so these friends will be around you. Besides, you do not know where you will be in a few years. I would not be surprised if you will be working with some of the friends you acquired during the medical elective.

Visit some interesting places

The elective is not all about hospitals and patients. Your life has to be well balanced, with a perfect balance between academic work and a vibrant social life. Depending on the country where you will be, you will find some places which are a must visit. This information is available all over the internet, though recommendations from friends and natives are also reliable sources. Please do not go back to your country without visiting that national park, lake, museum or George that is famous in the country you choose for your electives. It is good to set aside some money for doing such extracurricular activities, and be sure to capture the memories on camera.

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Author: Ben Jameson has been involved in various development projects in Africa and Asia. He has also been involved with Work The World’s elective placements in Ghana and this post was based on his experiences.


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