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We’ve all heard that soda is terrible and you shouldn’t drink it, why is soda bad for you ? The truth is, there are tons of reasons not to drink soda, even if the label puts the word “diet” in front of it. Soda is soda, and no matter what anyone says, all of it is bad for you. Already addicted to it? Don’t worry, there’s still hope for you! There are many healthier alternatives to drinking soda, like water or green tea. Once you stop ordering a soda with every meal, you will start to notice a difference if how you feel and how you look. The first step is to put down that soda can!

Below is the reason: why is soda bad for you

833 is diet soda bad for you Why Is Soda So Bad For You?Soda makes you fat.

Drinking a soda a day means that you are a third more likely to be overweight than those who don’t drink soda at all. A typical can of soda has over 120 calories. The worst part? These calories are empty. That means that the calories you are consuming are going straight to your hips. No, thank you!

Soda causes cavities.

Soda is a huge cause for rotting teeth. The acid in soda will tarnish your tooth enamel. This is the stuff that makes your pearly whites stay pearly white, not to mention it protects your teeth from all the food and drinks you consume everyday. Losing your enamel is permanent. No matter what your toothpaste says, once your tooth enamel is gone, it’s gone forever.

Soda can be addictive.

If you are drinking the sodas that have caffeine, you are far more likely to get addicted to soda. Caffeine is one of the most addictive, legal drugs in our nation. Have you started to notice a throbbing headache in the afternoon that goes away after you drink a big glass of soda? That means your body is addicted to this really bad-for-you drug. It might hurt your head a lot at first, but after a few days, your body will start to rid itself of the addiction and you will stop craving soda as badly.

Why is soda bad for you :Soda has enough sugar in it to lead to diseases.

There are about 12 tablespoons of sugar in an average can of soda. This is so much more than your body actually needs. That much sugar can lead to increased insulin levels which can then lead to diabetes. That much sugar can also leave you with a much weaker immune system, which means your body won’t be as strong to fight off sicknesses and diseases.

Soda makes you gassy.

Do you want to be burping and farting every five seconds? I didn’t think so. Soda has acid and sugar in it that are hard for your digestive system to break down correctly. Ergo, you will sound like a fifty-year old man with all the gassiness.

Soda attracts the kiddos.

At an early age, soda marketers are trying to get kids to drink these sugar infested beverages. This means that kids who drink soda are far more likely to be overweight and unhealthy. If you have kids, it’s time to substitute soda with water or juice. The benefits of drinking water are abundant, and kids should learn that at an early age.

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