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When looking in any commercial gym, there is usually a large collection of exercise bikes. There is a very good reason for this, as a stationary bicycle is one of the most effective pieces of exercise equipment that can be used. Fat burning, cardiovascular training and muscle building are the three main advantages of an exercise bike, and all of them can be combined into a single workout routine – making it important to choose the best exercice bike online. There is a huge range of bikes available, and it is relatively straightforward to find a suitable model within any reasonable budget.

If conventional running is not possible due to impact on the joints, an exercise bike offers an extremely effective alternative. There are many ways to burn body fat effectively during cycling, and modern bikes can vary the resistance at regular intervals. This results in a constantly changing heart rate, and this burns a higher amount of fat than constant exercise. For exercise with a faster heart rate, making regular changes also increases cardiovascular fitness, and the body adapts to making this extra amount of effort when pedalling. By having a comprehensive set of resistance levels, an exercise bike can replicate the conditions of a regular outdoor road race.

If building muscle is the desired outcome, an exercise bike is an effective tool when combined with a diet that is rich in protein and the necessary level of carbohydrates. Higher levels of resistance will gradually add quality muscle mass to the calves, quadriceps and hamstrings, giving the user legs that are built for both speed and power. Overall, any exercise bike regime can include cardiovascular training, resistance activities, fat burning exercise, muscle building work and a combination of all of these.

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