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Tragically, in the United States every year many teens and young adults lose their lives because of drugs or alcohol.  There is one question that is always asked when people begin to reflect on the abrupt end of a short life and that question is why?  Why did they start abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place or why did we not see the sign before it was too late?  There is no quick answer for these questions but many studies have shown some of the reasons why teens do drugs.

Another cause of drug use or alcohol abuse among teens Why Do Kids Abuse Alcohol And Drugs

Why Do Kids Abuse Alcohol And Drugs:

If you are a parent, or even a teenager who wants to protect themselves from the temptations of drugs and alcohol, educating yourself on these causes is the best way to avoid a tragic ending.  These are a few of the main reasons teens in the United States experiment with drugs and alcohol.

When teen drug users are interviewed the number one reason they sight as to why they tried drugs the first time is that they were bored.  The search for something thrilling or exciting is a natural human instinct.  Teenagers especially are always looking for new ways to experience life and stop being a kid.  Unfortunately, for some young people, finding the balance between being treated like an adult and assuming the responsibilities of one can be a very difficult road.  When kids say they are bored, their boredom is often linked to a lack of goals.  It has been proven that a teen who is involved in sports, clubs, or other activities gives them something to strive for and will help them build self-esteem.

Another cause of drug use or alcohol abuse among teens is a lack of education, defined parameters, or good role models.  If every time you as a parent come home from work you say, that was a hard day I need a drink, your child will see that and learn that alcohol is how you deal with stress.  Even if you do not have a drinking problem, you need to exhibit behavior that will help them learn how to deal with their own stress in a positive way.  If you are assuming that you have set guidelines for your child because once when they were eleven you told them not to do drugs, you are wrong.  You need to sit down with your children and have in depth conversation with them about drugs.  Give them a chance to ask you questions without judgment and check in with them from time to time to see if they have anything else they want to ask you.

Feeling like an outcast and searching desperately for a way to fit in is also another major reason kids turn to drugs.  Many children are bullied or picked on at school and their parents never know.  Sometimes problems at how can also lead to a teen looking for a way to escape their own life.  Be supportive and do your best to listen to your child when they are talking to you.  Many times people miss signs of unhappiness because teenagers are not the best communicators.

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