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Electronic cigarettes are available from a number of sources. Some retail stores and tobacco shops sell the devices and the refills. There are a large number of online websites offering the cigarettes as well. It is currently not possible to buy electronic cigarettes in Canada that contain nicotine. Customs officials will even confiscate any nicotine refills, liquids or electronic cigarettes that are ordered from another country. The non-nicotine devices and refills are freely available, and anyone interested in buying electronic cigarettes will want to consider several points.

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The design of an e-cigarette is very important for some people. A large number of devices are designed to look exactly like a standard tobacco cigarette. This includes a red or orange light emitting diode (LED) on the end of the stick that lights up when an atomizer is activated. Other devices look more like a futuristic piece of technology with multicolored lights and streamlined profiles. When buying one, the design should also be visually appealing to you, and be easy and light to hold and store.

Refills And Flavors

Electronic cigarettes use a small liquid cartridge to deliver different flavors. It is helpful to look at how the refills work before buying a particular brand. Refill cartridges from one manufacturer are not always compatible with the atomizers in other brands of devices. It is best to choose a brand with readily available and affordable refills. Some buyers might want to consider choosing a cigarette that uses a refillable cartridge. This makes it possible to purchase large amounts of liquid in order to refill a few cartridges when necessary. Most brands of electronic cigarettes also come in a variety of different flavors. These flavors range from tobacco and vanilla to coffee and cherry. It is usually a good idea to try several different flavors before purchasing a large amount of one type.


Electronic cigarettes use compact batteries in order to power the atomizer inside of the body. Many designs use a rechargeable lithium-ion (LiON) battery. This means that it is necessary to charge the cigarette regularly. The most basic chargers simply plug into a wall outlet and connect to the base through a cord. It is useful to purchase other charging options. A car charger makes it possible to recharge the cigarette while driving. A universal serial bus (USB) charger allows the cigarette to draw electricity from a laptop or other mobile device with a USB port.

Carrying Case

A carrying case is essential for anyone who will be traveling or taking an electronic cigarette outside of the home. There many cases available depending on individual needs. A carrying case will keep the cigarette, refills and other items organized and in one location. There are cases that look like cigarette packages, makeup compacts and wallets. A popular trend is a lanyard that attaches to the cigarette. A variety of soft pouches and pocket clips store the cigarette in a way that makes it appear like a simple pen or marker.

About the author: Donnie Ogden is a social smoker, but has recently wanted to make healthier choices in his diet and lifestyle. To do this, he purchased an electronic cigarette from Vaporus, Canada’s e-cigarette supplier,┬áto help him out. It has proved effective over the past few months, and he remains impressed with the convenience of this device.


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