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Commonly Practiced Anti-aging Methods

Img Anti aging What It Means To Anti ageMethods of anti-aging have shot a laser beam across the country, re-defining and reversing the aging process. Whether it is BOTOX®, EVOLENCE®, Juvaderm, laser treatment, Sclerotherapy, or skin tighteningthe aging process has become something that human kind has the ability to slow and reverse. As our epithelial tissue changes so does the appearance of our face, brow furrows, wrinkles, plus facial creases develop as the elasticity of our skin diminishes. However, our mirrored image of ourselves does not have to portray this, there are ways to eliminate these aging factors.

Most Popular Anti-aging Products

BOTOX® is exceedingly popular in the anti-aging process, it involves a miniscule injection of botulinum toxin into the wrinkled area. Basically, BOTOX® hinders the nerve impulses and relaxes the muscles which relaxes the wrinkles. Within two to four days the patient views the skin improvement and it lasts for about four to six months.

An alternative to BOTOX® is EVOLENCE®, which is porcine (pig) collagen gel. This is considered to produce better results than BOTOX® since it is formed from actual collagen and may be used for wrinkles and skin folds.

For more severe cases JUVÉDERM® is an option, it is used to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds and smile lines on the face. In fact, it is the only FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler in the anti-aging industry and the results last for up to a year. As we age and spend years in the sun we may began to see age or liver spots on our skin, however, this flaw can be lightened. As the melanin in the skin absorbs the ultraviolet rays from sun exposure the patches progressively darken, yet, with an intense pulsed light treatment the marks will begin to fade, thus restoring the skin’s natural beauty.

In addition, Sclerotherapy is used to treat the appearance of those unsightly spider veins that may creep up the back of your legs or thighs. Sclerotherapy involves an injection in the veins and YAG lasers involves the use of light pulses to fade them.

Other types of anti-aging options are skin tightening, which can improve facial appearance and reduce the look of aging, or skin re-surfacing which can reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and circles under the eyes. As the methods for anti-aging continue to grow, people’s appearances begin to reduce in age. These anti-aging methods allow us to capture as much of that portrait as we can, to fade less, and glow more; to tighten what has loosened and to revitalize our youth. Anti-aging methods allow us to hold onto our image, to hold onto our confidence, to electrify our energy, and that is what makes us forever young.

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