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How well you feel during the day is often directly attributable to the quality of your sleep. Likewise,the cure for a poor nights sleeps is often found in your normal daily routine. If you are not careful this can be a little bit of a vicious circle.

Better Night Sleep 207x300 Wellbeing: Your Guide To A Better Nights SleepOf course, if poor sleep is allowed to continue it can lead to issues with work and relationships. Over time it can even lead to health concerns.

If you have been struggling to achieve a good night’s rest then this blog post is definitely for you. Here,we will be sharing some tips that will help you to be more productive, mentally sharper and give you more energy to tackle the everyday grind.

Sleep Schedules

Adopting a robust sleep schedule is a key area to start on.

Here you will be trying to go to bed and indeed wake up at much the same time each day. The same applies for non-working days like the weekend. Being consistent will help to “programme” your body’s own sleep cycles. After a few weeks you should start to notice the difference.

Although this pattern of sleep-wake will pay dividends there might still be times when you just can’t nod off. If this is the case then after 15-20 minutes of trying to get to sleep then you should get up and do something relaxing. Listening to soothing music can work wonders here. Avoid anything electronic as this can over-stimulate the mind and make sleep that little bit harder.

Go back to bed once you are feeling sleepy. Lying awake in bed agonising about sleeping can make it even harder to finally drift off.

Food and Drink

Always try not to go to bed on a full stomach. This approach will often lead to an impromptu bathroom visit, clearly something that is better avoided. Likewise, don’t go to bed if you are hungry of thirsty.

Stimulants that include caffeine take a good number of hours to disappear from the body. Avoiding coffee or some carbonated sodas for at least 4 hours before bed makes good sense. Remember, many drinks may contain “hidden” amounts of caffeine.

Smokers should be aware that nicotine can have a similar effect to that of caffeine, in so much as it works as a stimulant. Put simply, avoiding these things close to sleep time will help you to gain a better nights rest.

For further advice regarding foods and drinks that can help or indeed hinder sleep just head over to WebMD where they have a great slideshow on this very subject.

Getting Comfortable

There is a lot to be said for creating a room that is conducive with sleep.

For most people this will be a cool, dark and most of all quiet room. Creating an environment that matches this criterion will often make the difference when it comes to quality rest. Sometimes curtains let in too much light. If this is the case then why not try out sleeping-shades. These can be the perfect way of preventing the eyes from receiving too much light at night times.

Another important aspect of getting comfortable relates directly to your bed, or rather mattress and bedding. This can be quite subjective, so it is vital that you choose a set-up that works for you. Many people find that some of the memory or reflex foam mattresses help to reduce pressure on the body, in turn promoting a better nights rest.

Another tip regarding the bed is to make sure that it is big enough. Put simply, if you share your bed then make sure it’s big enough for two people. Upgrading to the next size can work wonders here. An example of this could be opting for a king-size bed when you have been used to using a double bed.

Bedtime Rituals

As we mentioned earlier, it is good practice going to sleep at set times each night. However, you can take things a step further by creating a bed time ritual. This doesn’t have anything to do with prayer, although if that works for you then it can do.

Really what we are suggesting here is to do the same things each night before going to bed. This could be something as simple as reading a few pages from your favourite book. Whilst other people might need a warm soak in the bath to help them to un-wind. Bottom line here is to do something that helps you forget the stress of the day.

If possible, try to create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights. Again, as previously mentioned try to avoid interaction with electronic items as research suggests this can interfere with sleep patterns.

The Wrap-Up

There are lots of things that can affect the quality of your sleep. Avoiding certain drinks and food can help. One thing that should never be underestimated is the power of adopting a robust sleep schedule.

Equally, take a look at your sleep environment. Does it lend itself to helping you to enjoy a restful night? Maybe there are some adjustments that you can make.

For years your author (Peter Smith) struggled with his general sleep quality, often finding himself tired during the next day. His solution was very simple after a visit to, a new larger bed and mattress now provides him with a much improved night’s sleep.
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