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Skin is the largest organ in the body which truly reflects your lifestyle. Thus, when we lose weight, skin care requires some extra effort. Sudden weight loss, crash diets etc. take their toll on our beautiful skin and we tend to overlook it. And as a result, even after achieving your desired body weight and shape you do not feel as attractive.

While preparing a perfect diet chart may seem like a tricky and difficult thing to do, in reality it’s too easy. All you need to do is include the foods with essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins etc and exclude the ones that contain carbohydrates, fats etc.

Furthermore, to give a clearer idea, here is the list of important nutrients that are essential yet overlooked while forming a diet chart:

salmon antioxidant for skin care Weightloss Routine: Essential Skin Care Tips


  • Antioxidants: Sagging or lose skin is one of the most prominent effect of losing a considerable weight. Sagged skin makes you look much older and worn out so to avoid it, include lots of anti-oxidants in your diet. Anti-oxidants accelerate the formation of radicals which in turn develops new skin cells. Thus, berries, wall nuts, strawberries are some of the food items that contain the considerable amount of anti-oxidants and thus should be regularly consumed.
  • Dairy products: Though dairy products like milk are a great source of calcium and protein, its excessive intake can trigger the prominence of acne or other break outs on the skin surface. Thus, if you already are an owner of oily skin, restrict the consumption of dairy products in your daily diet.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: While most of us believe that fats are harmful for the body, what we do not know is that our body requires some amount of essential fatty acids. Lack of EFA destruct the natural body process and can even over dry the skin. Thus, include some fatty acids in the diet while at the same time avoid consuming unsaturated and trans fat.
  • Vitamins: These are unquestionably important for a healthy functioning of the body. Thus, you should include the adequate amount of Vitamins in your diet. While the intake of soluble vitamins such as Vitamin B, D and K should be regulated as it gets accumulated in the body, you can consume the generous amounts of Vitamin A and C as they are excreted from the body and keeps skin hydrated.

Though including the essential minerals in daily diet is beneficial but nevertheless, our body undergoes few changes during weight loss. And some of those changes can be extremely unpleasing while being readily reflected on our skin.

But here is good news! Along with achieving the desired body shape and size, you can have a beautiful flawless skin as well. Want to know how? Read ahead:

  • Stretch Marks: While losing a considerable amount of weight, you might need to deal with stretch marks. Being prominent on the areas like tummy, inner arms etc they generally fade over time. But if they don’t, you can use various home made products which are greatly effective such as, applying cocoa and vitamin E products on the effected area along with drinking plenty of water can effectively fade the stretch marks.
  • Loose skin: Rapid weight loss by crash diets can loosen your skin. As skin is elastic in nature, it requires some time to adapt and take the acquired shape which it does not get with sudden weight loss. Thus, keep your diet routine in check for a healthier weight loss. You might even need the surgical treatments to get rid of loose skin but if you can devote time and have the required patience, regular usage of a good anti-aging cream is recommended. It would gradually stretch and tighten the skin and make it look younger.
  • Acne: A lot many people complain about the acne outbursts during the weight loss but the chances of their occurrence can be minimized by the keeping your body hydrated. During weight loss oil gets accumulated in the skin pores, thus drink lots of water and regularly work out to keep the skin healthy and oil free.
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