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Athletic apparel happens to be a specialized category of clothing and accessories that is normally worn by athletes when they are engaging in active sports and games. Despite the high cost associated with official sportswear, fans are willing to purchase billions of dollars’ worth of football-shaped phones, branded eyegear, sports jockeys and socks. The state of the industry has changed significantly in recent times and while sports apparel was once a niche category, its popularity has spilled into the mainstream.

Rising Interest in Sports Apparel

Fans are able to recognize a particular type of sports or the associated players through the help of their unique costumes. The majority of the popular games such as basketball and football boast of specific sports apparel that the players have to wear. The viewing crowd present to watch and cheer will have a big population that will be dressed in the team apparel or some team based clothing or accessories. It might be in the form of cool jackets or simply a t-shirt with the logo of their favourite team. Some people tend to be more secretive about their sports preferences and will simply wear a cap with the team colours. But no matter where we go, the influence of sports on the clothing style of people cannot be overlooked.

One Costume, Variable Interests

There has been a perceived increase in the number of sports fans around the world which has automatically affected the demand for sports costumes in the market. However, the use tends to vary. While some people wear sports apparel for the sake of style, others have to don the gear out of necessity. Athletic apparel enable individuals to offer their best performance since they are comfortable, stretchable and offer enough breathing space. Sports jerseys and jackets offer the necessary compression and are capable of wicking excess perspiration from the surface of the skin and then absorbing it to make you feel smooth and dry. The shirt is capable of working alongside your body’s inner heat level to regulate the temperature as required and improve your overall performance level.This may prove to be extremely useful for athletes who are involved in various sorts of exhausting games for extended periods of time. Compression gear is necessary for more serious players to avoid injury and safeguard their health. In the end, it does not matter what purpose they are used for but rather to what capacity they are used. As sports gains more exposure in the media, fans and even non-fans automatically tend to be drawn towards sports gear and this contributes significantly to its rising appeal and demand in the market.

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Nature of Demand

Sports fans are extremely enthusiastic and particular about what item they buy. They are not merely satisfied by buying cheap knock-offs. Instead, they prefer to buy official licensed sports goods. The intensity of the demand for genuine sports apparel in recent times can be best illustrated through the example of the NFL industry. In the United States alone, sales of NFL branded products ranged between $3 billion to $4 billion in a year which is roughly twice the total sales of men’s raincoats and belts. As sports becomes an integral part of every culture, the sales of products rise and this is mostly evident during the seasonal matches when sales soar to a great extent.


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