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Chances are, you have heard of autism. In fact, you might have a basic understanding of this condition. Still though, you have an array of questions about it, and finally, they can be addressed.

Who Does Autism Affect?
Well, autism can really affect anyone. At this time, many people feel that the issues are more prevalent in children. It’s important to realize that autism is something that a person will have for the duration of his or her life; therefore, adults can certainly be autistic as well. It can appear that it affects children more for two main reasons. First of all, the signs and symptoms are noticed earlier these days, so children who would have been diagnosed in the past can be diagnosed now. Additionally, schools have a lot to say about autism and do a lot of work in bettering the lives of those who have it.

autism Unlocking The Mystery; Understanding Autism

What Are Some Signs of Autism?
Autism can manifest itself in a number of different ways and to a variety of different degrees. Many people associate autism with issues developing social skills. This is definitely one of the challenges that many people with autism face. However, they also may have difficulty with human touch, understanding the emotions of other people and problems with a sensory overload. Basically, if they are around a lot of loud noises or something of that nature, they may become quite upset.

What Are Some of The More Tangible Signs?
Generally, you cannot tell that people have autism just from looking at them. However, children who have autism might not be able to speak until later in life. They also may engage in obsessive behaviors or have tics. These types of behaviors really do vary across the board. Some people with autism might find that they engage in a lot of repetitive behaviors, such as turning off the lights or walking around in circles. This could also be a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder, so it’s important to receive a correct diagnosis from a doctor.

How Is Help Available for Youngsters with Autism?
Many parents worry because they generally believe that assistance is not available until the children are in school. Fortunately, early intervention is an amazing type of program that can really help little ones to flourish. Generally, with these programs, one or more therapists will come to the house of the child with autism. They will work on a variety of skills, and these skills will vary based upon the specific needs of the child.

What Happens After That?
Once children are in school, their teachers will work to form plans to address their specific learning needs. These plans are referred to as an Individualized Education Program. Some students with autism will be in special education classes, and others will be in the regular tracks.

So many opportunities are available for people who are dealing with autism. Yes, hearing that you or your child has been diagnoses for autism can be scary and overwhelming, but knowing that there are so many people and resources out there to help is truly amazing and inspiring for all.

Norman Dennell is a freelance writer currently writing about Autism services with MukiBaum Foundation, a Toronto-based foundation supporting families dealing with autism.
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