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Plastic or rather cosmetic surgery as it is now more commonly known has always been big business. However, this multi-billion pound industry receives a regular shot in the arm, all thanks to the power of social media.

img Cosmetic Surgery ID 338 300x255 Understanding The Link Between Social Media And Cosmetic SurgeryDon’t get confused, this post isn’t going to start banging on about how beauticians and surgeons “advertise” their services via social media channels. Of course in reality many of them gain lots of new custom this way.

No. This blog post is going to take a look at some of the key drivers that influence the very same people who that are happy to go under the surgeon’s knife (so to speak).

Technology can help to Expose Flaws Cosmetic Surgery

We are all probably quite familiar with the old adage of “the camera adding 10 lbs.” to an individual’s weight.

Well in reality this is a little bit of what could easily be referred to as “smoke and mirrors”. Put simply, when you look into a mirror you tend to do so from a short distance away. As a result of this you don’t look as large as you would when a photo is taken from 4 or 5 feet away, even with the very same camera being used.

200px hd tv logo.svg  Understanding The Link Between Social Media And Cosmetic SurgeryFaster broadband and higher resolution screens have also gone a long way into exposing our flaws. The very first “victims” of this feature would have been newscasters and television stars. On standard definition a few laughter or age lines are bound to show up, whereas once HD is introduced the images are considerably less flattering.

In addition to the issue mentioned above. Skin tone and definition are almost certain to be highlighted on these HQ images. Of course, make-up can play a factor in toning things down; however, it cannot cover every blemish.

The Image is Key

Most internet marketers agree that an image is essential to help market your own brand. This is perhaps why nearly every single social media account will “demand” a user uploads one.

Social media, when used to its maximum is of course about making a connection with others. There is perhaps no better way of doing this than via your own image. This proves to be one of the main instigators as to why people start to consider “changing their appearance”.

The issue is made worse by the camera angles that we use to take our own photos. Holding a camera or phone at chest or waist height to take the image is likely to exacerbate the problem. Any sagging or fullness in our neck areas are sure to be captured in all their glory.

Great News for Cosmetic Surgeons

Thanks in no small part to the ever increasing power that social media wields, cosmetic surgeons are doing very nicely.

Some of the smaller and less invasive procedures have seen a huge rise in popularity. These include the likes of Botox, Restylane and Juvederm. However, chin implants are still extremely common. During which time the surgeon will work to literally jut out the chin, creating increased jaw line definition. The by-product of this procedure is that it will very often pick up on that little saggy piece of neck to create a more flattering facial profile.

Potential Issues

Sticking with a regulated professional surgeon always makes sense when opting for these types of cosmetic procedures. However, this doesn’t stop an increasing number of people looking for cheaper and quicker treatments.

Sadly, going down this route can sometimes lead to near disastrous consequences. Of course, saving money can be a key driver for people. But, it can increase the chances of having to resort to some kind of clinical negligence claim if your new look turns into a mess. Which will undoubtedly be something that will have a large bearing on your own social media activities for some time to come?

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About the Author:  (Colin O’Donnell) fully understands the importance that images play in social media. He believes that sticking to registered surgeons will help to lessen the chances of having to instigate a clinical negligence claim, in these situations.

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