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Everybody knows what yoga is. But seldom do many would understand its depths, how it helps in your over all fitness, in mind health as well as in losing extra weight.

Yoga started as a mind, spirit lifting experience and a balance and flexibility goal from the east. It is deeply rooted in some Hindu beliefs but doesn’t consider itself as a religion. In the past years, yoga became a movement that went and moved west creating lots of followers all over the world.

Yoga Statistics and Enthusiasts Profile

There are a total of 15 million Americans who practices Yoga and 72 percent of this is women, leaving the remaining total number of followers as males. The yoga enthusiasts are mostly in the ages of 35 and above. But still, there are younger followers too.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has reached out to many people as it helps them seek some goal in their lives. A few benefits of yoga are listed below:

Helps in your balancing

Helps improve flexibility

Frees your mind from stress from time to time

Offers meditative relief as well

Helps in detoxifying and regulate blood flow

How You Can Lose Weight Though Yoga

Losing weight through yoga is an easy task but requires your great mental courage. As one goes on with the yoga session, the complexity of the poses increases. As the complexity increases, the likelihood of increasing the weight to lose increases too.

The poses as well as the breathing process help in reducing and minimizing the fat. As you go though every asanas, your muscles are toned turning fats to muscles. The asanas requires great concentration as every pose requires complexity. The breathing process also helps in losing weight. As the oxygen intake is being regulated and done in intervals, you may benefit from it.

Through yoga too you can shape your chosen body parts. There are certain yoga types for each body parts of your body. You can opt to tone your arms, your legs, your stomach or your face. Yes there is face yoga too.

Other yoga enthusiasts would even go further by going into other yoga types to help increase weight lose more. Hot and bikram yoga is examples of yoga type that can hasten your weight loss goal. It makes use of a very hot room that induces sweating and even greater concentration amidst the heat.

How Yoga Seems a Better Choice

Some women and men also would opt for some crash diets handsome would even entrust their health to some slimming pills. They may be a bit overboard. They aren’t healthy and would be giving you some unthought-of complications later.

A natural and good diet plus a couple of fitness routine or yoga for the matter will be a better and a healthier choice too. And if ever you would opt for something medical in losing weight, avoid the slimming pills. Consult a doctor instead; he or she will be helping you with some safe medical procedure. But for the mean time, the cheapest way to lose weight is self disciple self discipline through yoga.

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