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Many people avoid going out to clubs and bars simply because they are embarrassed about their own dancing and don’t want to risk others laughing at them. This is such a shame, simply because the majority of people out dancing don’t have a clue themselves and you not going just means you’re the one missing out on the fun and energy of letting go on the dance floor.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to go out dancing or join a dance class. However, if you are truly embarrassed at how bad you are, or even if you’re just self-conscious, then the following tips should help you to become less so.

1. Practice at home

You’ll never lose the embarrassment if you never dance, however, you won’t ever dance if you’re embarrassed, so it’s a very vicious circle. The best thing you can do therefore is to start practicing by yourself at home. Use one of your largest rooms and then turn on one of your most favourite songs (ensure it is one that makes you feel good). The song also obviously needs to be a good one to dance to. Then, let loose and just start dancing!

Make sure you have comfortable clothes on and that no one is due to come home and disturb you, otherwise you won’t be able to fully concentrate, in fear of someone catching you. You may feel odd at first, simply because you’re just dancing on your own, which tends not to be the norm but try to just forget this fact. The more you practice on your own, the more comfortable you’ll be moving your body to the music.

2. Find a mirror and watch yourself dancing in it

The next step, after practicing your dancing at home, is to start watching yourself dance. Many people cringe at this but without seeing yourself how can you know which dance areas to work on, or even if you’re that embarrassing a dancer in the first place!? If you have a full length mirror (or anything larger), take this into the room where you have been practicing and force yourself to watch your moves.

Doing this will enable you to spot which of the moves you’re doing look good (sexy even) and which absolutely don’t. Make sure you try dancing to many different songs and vary your moves so you get a good idea of what suits certain styles and what doesn’t. The mirror may make you feel self-conscious at the start but if you’re determined to get rid of your embarrassment and improve your dancing, you’ll soon forget about it.

3. Change your mind-set

When it comes to being embarrassed about dancing, it is all about the mind-set. If you are self-conscious about your dancing and it is only yourself in the room, you’ve got to realise you are just being silly. After all, it is just you, you’re not going to pick on or tease yourself are you? You’ve got to get rid of these feelings before you even start considering dancing in front of other people.

You’ve got to accept that much of what is going on in your head will not be in other people’s heads. It truly won’t. Keep in mind other people probably have some of the same worries as you do when they’re out dancing in front of other people, whether in a club or at a dance class. Others just have more important things on their mind then whether your dancing is something to be embarrassed about. Also read 5 Stretches that will improve your dancing flexibility.

4. Why not take some dance lessons?

Once you have been practicing for a while and have worked on your moves, as well as your negative mind-set, it may be time to go and enrol in some dance classes. Do some research into which style you think you’re most going to like best, i.e. tap dancing, freestyle, Latin and so on. Alternatively, you can always sign up for one or two classes at a couple of different dance style classes. This way you can learn a variety of new steps and styles.

Keep in mind, dance classes are there to teach you, therefore it doesn’t matter how bad you think you are. It is the teacher’s job to help you improve. There’s no point being embarrassed as they have probably dealt with a lot worse. Everyone there, around you in the class, will be there to improve and should all respect the fact you’re brave enough to come along and join in.

5. Above all have fun or at least act like you’re having fun

Dancing is a fabulous way to express feeling and one of the best feelings we can express is that of fun! It may take time before you are truly letting go and having fun, simply because you’re still embarrassed and still feeling self-conscious. A great trick therefore is to just act like you are having the most fun in the world and that you know what you’re doing. Not only will other people believe you but it will cause your confidence to start growing.

Essentially this is lying to the people around you and your body so you have to absolutely commit to this lie. You’ll soon find this lie becomes reality as you become more and more accustomed to dancing with others and smiling as you do so. Other people’s joy is infectious and being in amongst it all will cause the fun factor to transfer across to you.


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