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Img makeup artists 261x300 Top 5 Celebrity Makeup TipsCelebrities always have great looks, and it’s thanks in large part to their professional stylists and makeup artists. Trying to mimic the look of a celebrity can often be difficult to do, and you may end up not having the celebrity’s look when you’re done. Instead of trying hard to look like a celebrity, you should instead use makeup tips directly from the celebrities themselves.

1. Test out different brands.

If you really want to get the best look for you, you’ll want to test out different brands of makeup and different brands of brushes. Nicola Burford, who has done makeup for Fergie, claims that there’s no reason to stick to one brand for all your makeup needs, and there’s no rule that says the most expensive makeup will work magic. If you really like the way the cheap store brand lip gloss looks, then use it. Nobody will think less of you for mixing and matching and finding what works.

2. Have an accent.

Take style advice from Gwen Stefani and opt for a classically natural look with one major pop for an accent. Gwen is known for her natural skin makeup with her bright red lips as her accent. This draws attention to one area while simply highlighting the rest. You could also stick to natural makeup and nude lips with a pop of color on your eyes. When you try to add too much color to your face, it makes you look more like a clown instead of a beauty.

3. Conceal the imperfections.

Concealer is a woman’s best friend when it comes to getting flawless celebrity makeup. Make sure that you use a yellow or green concealer to tone down the blue or black under eye circles that you may have, and make sure you use dot and rub it into place instead of coloring it in like a crayon. This will help your concealer to blend with your skin and cover your imperfections.

4. Take care of your skin.

When you have healthy skin, you’ll find that you need less makeup and achieve much more successful looks. Brigitte Reiss-Andersen is a celebrity makeup artist (with clients like Cindy Crawford) who emphasizes the importance of taking care of your skin. Use moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated and make sure that you’re changing your skincare routine if you notice that it stops being as beneficial. Over time, skin starts to fade and dry out, and changing your skincare regimen to address this can be the best way to combat it and keep your skin healthy.

5. Highlight the lashes.

Your eyelashes are the key to making your eyes pop, so make sure you flaunt them. Makeup artist Kate Lee, who has worked with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, claims that it’s important to use a lash curler to make your eyes look bigger. If you weren’t blessed with naturally long lashes, fake lashes are easy to apply, affordable, and can give you the best makeup boost for the best eye look.

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Written by Caroline Jones. Caroline Jones is a cosmetologist and avid blogger.  She enjoys giving advice on anything related to beauty including healthy skin and makeup tips.


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