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No one wants to have rodents or bugs inside his home. Not only are pesky critters distracting, they also damage property and possessions, and some also spread bacteria, viruses or parasites that cause serious diseases. This is why you quickly reach for your trusty can of Raid when you find a roach or any pest inside your house. In case you discover that an infestation is already pretty widespread, you immediately call a pest control company. These actions are expected. However, there are certain issues that you should consider when trying to eliminate pests from your property. Below are some vital considerations.

1. Different pesticides have different effects of pesticides on the body.

If you are concerned about what sort of health effects the pesticide you’re using brings, look at the ingredients. The effect will depend on the main ingredient of your bug killer. Upon exposure, some pesticides cause acute symptoms, like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, as well as skin or eye irritations. Other effects are more long term. For example, mancozeb and chlorothalonil might cause cancer in humans because these are carcinogenic to animals according to the EPA. Some chemicals also affect fertility, cause neurological disorders, and produce lasting physical and mental disorders.

2. Children, and especially babies, are more sensitive to the harmful substances in pesticides.

Dangers of pesticides -There are so many factors that make babies and children more susceptible to the harms that pesticides bring. For one, babies have immature systems and organs. An infant, for instance, has undeveloped liver and kidneys which means that these major organs are still incapable of processing harmful substance that might have entered the baby’s body. Kids also inhale more frequently than adults, and this means that they also breathe in more chemicals. Moreover, babies and older kids often put their hands in their mouths or handle food without washing, which makes them more at risk.

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3. Pesticides also have a more lethal effect on old people.

It is natural for bodily systems to decline as a person ages. Since an old individual’s organs are no longer functioning efficiently, these will have a harder time processing or eliminating detrimental substances. Hence, pesticide exposure in the elderly can lead to severe poisoning or even death. To minimize risk, precautions must be taken.

4. It’s better to opt for pesticides or pest control companies that use organic and eco-friendly methods.

One way to minimize pesticide poisoning and to reduce chances of exposure to damaging chemicals is to use organic substances or hire companies that use eco-friendly pest control techniques. Insecticides that come from organic components are less harmful to health. As for companies that specialize in pest control, it is safer for people to choose businesses that are recognized by environmental institutions, like the National Pest Management Association, Inc., or those that possess certifications from groups that monitor the environmental effects of potentially dangerous chemicals. If a pest control company has the proper certifications from environmental companies, then it means that it follows certain standards. This also means that the business utilizes eco-friendly methods and uses pesticides that do not leave residues that are toxic to man and the surroundings.

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About the author: Claire Brent is a freelancer and a homeowner who has encountered pest problems before. Through her articles, she hopes to share the knowledge that she’s gained through experience in order for others to learn more about pest control.


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