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82343562344408 how to stop tooth decay 300x255 Tooth Decay Prevention Is Better Than CureMost of us dread visiting the dentist, that’s a fact. More than 50% of people that go to the dentist have a significant level of fear about their upcoming visit although this fear only prevents a small minority from actually going.

Naturally, the fear is worse when you know that you are going to have an actual procedure. Knowing that a check up is the only thing that you are likely to have is a great way of reducing any fear that you may feel. Of course, you can’t simply leave this to chance and the reality is that unless you take an active role in this, you will need some dental work done from time to time.

How to prevent tooth decay

How do you prevent dental problems though? Well, the most obvious thing to do is to avoid the foods that are really bad for your teeth. Sugar, naturally comes at the top of this list as it is well known to cause dental decay. For this reason many people reduce their sugar intake yet there are many sugars hidden in foodstuffs, especially ‘ready meals’ and these are hard to avoid. Even natural foods can contain sugar and some which are generally considered healthy such as apple juice are notorious for sticking to the teeth and causing dental decay.

Because then, whilst we may reduce our sugar intake, it is impossible to avoid it altogether and we do need natural sugars for energy too. The only way to counterbalance our intake is by ensuring that we clean our teeth effectively. This should be done at least twice a day and possibly even a third if you have eaten something particularly sticky. A fluoride toothpaste should be used as this will help the teeth, but one area in which many people fall down is using a toothbrush that is too old. Once the bristles of a toothbrush have become worn and soft, it is less effective in removing the sugars from our teeth.

Unless great discomfort is felt, a hard bristled brush should be used and this should be replaced approximately every two months to ensure that it remains effective at doing its job. Make sure too to clean well into the gum line as gum disease is a major problem and one that most of us will have from time to time. Mostly though, this can be managed by improving our cleaning regime.

Tooth decay in children

If you have children, it is also worth asking your dentist about fissure sealant. This seals the tiny cracks in our teeth which allow sugars to enter and start the decaying process.

Above all though, you should always keep regular dental appointments as this is the best way to keep on top of any problems arise and treat them promptly before the little problem becomes something much more significant.

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About the author: Anna Polanski is a writer on food and it’s benefits and consequences. She has always had a sweet tooth and in the past has suffered the consequences of this. With the help of a dentist in Ashby though, her teeth are now in good condition and she aims to keep them that way.


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