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The appreciation look on your girl’s face after witnessing nicely shaped six packs is enough to convince you to do something to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles are resistant in shunning off those extra pounds around your waist. It has been observed that even if you lose most of your excess weight from body, the fat deposits in the stomach area remains there. To get rid of these extra pounds you need to follow few exercises vigorously, regularly and seriously.

You have the option to choose from the under mentioned core exercises or follow Petra Kolber’s The 10 Minutes Solution: Dance off Belly Fat.? Both routines will help you to blast belly fat off and tone your tummy.

  • I don’t count my sit-ups; I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count?. (Muhammad Ali)

Sit-ups are all famous for shaping up your tummy. To do sit- ups lie down on ground or mat face up, keep your knees bent. Put your fleet flat on the ground or mat. Hold the back of your head with your hands. Keeping your feet on the ground try to lift your head and shoulder off the ground tightening your abs. Keep yourself in the air for 3 to 4 seconds and then retrieve back to your initial position to start afresh. Repeat the routine for at least 10 times. you can read Vitiligo Problems and Solutions here.

  • Crunches only go so deep. (Miranda Lambert)

If you want to bring a variety to your sit up position, then do crunches. It is same as doing sit ups with the difference that your keep your hands on your chest and then try to lift your up body from the ground or mat keeping your feet on the ground. If crunches give your neck pain replace them with sit-ups but do not give up.

You may choose to follow Kolber’s crunch beat by bending your knees at 90 degree, lift your legs while keeping your calves parallel to floor. Extend your arms behind your head and crunch up, exerting pressure on your abdominal muscles.

  • Jack Knife Sit Ups

The better position for Jack Knife sit- ups is already explained sit up position in which the practitioner lies flat on the mat or ground. Extend your arms behind your head. Exhaling the breath, raise your legs and arms from the ground to have a jack knife position.Remember that your legs should be lifted approximately to 35-45 degree angle from the floor and your arms should reach forward to meet your legs while parallel to the ground. The routine will lift your upper torso off the floor or mat. Inhaling the breath, bring back your arms and legs at the initial position. Repeat the routine according to your stamina and strength.

  • V-Ups

V- Ups are another derivation of sit ups, and in this routine the practitioner lies on the mat or ground with head and stomach touching the ground. To do v-ups, lift your legs and head at the same time keeping your arms on the ground and your legs straight. Stay in this position for few seconds. Lower your head and legs to the initial position to start afresh.

There are thousands of excuses to avoid any tough exercise but it is better to adopt healthy habits for healthy living.

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