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Following my wedding, my husband and I somehow just stopped looking after ourselves and put on a combined and grand total of 67 pounds. Obviously, it was my husband who put on more than I did but it’s not like I put on a little bit, I put on about the heavier side of 20 pounds, closing in on 30 pounds. It was very evident that the ‘honey moon period’ was over. Exercising is not our strong point so it was kind of evident that a low carb diet was the way to go. The results of this diet were dumbfounding. We were so impressed with the results in the first week that it motivated us to keep going.

non starchy carbs vegetables diet Tips to lose weight on a low carb diet

Consisting of 4 phases, the first phase – the attack phase basically comprised of eating only proteins (poultry, seafood, milk products & lean meats) which was great cause we both love seafood and cheese.

The second phase was where you start to introduce non starchy carbs (vegetables) back into your diet and alternating it with the proteins.

The 3rd and fourth phase slowly reintroduce every other food back into your diet and once you’re done – the weight surprisingly stays off, well you do have to stick to the diet slightly even after the weight is off but honestly it doesn’t really effect you in any way It’s very easy to stick to.

The best part being, you only have to walk for 20 minutes a day and stick to that. This is one of the most promising low carb diets ever. For all those looking to lose weight and keep it off, this is definitely the way to go.

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