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Green tea is characterized by its simple processing – in contrast to black tea production, it does not take place during the fermentation or oxidation, therefore, it preserves the original content of active substances.

green tea Tip #5: Green Tea

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The most common and probably the oldest known procedure used is drying the freshly torn leaves in the sun. Currently, this method is used for the manufacture of chinese “white tea”. In the strict sense, this is not a pure green tea, because during the higher intensity of solar radiation, there is a partial destruction of the active substances and because of the humidity there is also a short fermentation.

One of the most economic methods of production of green tea is steaming – most commonly used in Japan, where the freshly harvested tea leaves are exposed to water vapor (for 20-40 seconds, rarely more – this procedure creates a green tea of exceptional quality, it gains a dark green coloration and simultaneously leads to the dissolution of the bitter substances). After this method prevents fermentation, the tea leaves are left to dry and then rolled.

Each country has its own traditions for preparing the green tea infusion – sometimes  boiling water is used, elsewhere a water which already went through boiling. These procedures, however, have one thing in common – hot water is allowed to cool up to 60-80 °C, then the tea is left to infuse – either a short one, or a longer one.

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